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The PanAm 103 Air-Tragedy
Disclosure of "Lockerbie Affair"

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8th April, 2021

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, must also apply in the case of "Lockerbie/ PanAm103", AMEN...
LINK: https://lockerbiecase.blogspot.com/2021/04/a-self-blinded-justice-system.html

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

5th April, 2021

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Aamer Anwar & Co.
63 Carlton Place
Scotland G5 9TW

4th April 2021

Dear Mr Anwar,

Five Scottish Judges have just refused Ali Abdelbaset al-Megrahi permission to take the posthumous appeal against his father's Lockerbie bombing conviction to the UK Supreme Court:

A written Judgment issued on 1 April 2021 by Lord Carloway, the Lord Justice General, said the court "has had some difficulty in understanding the exact nature of the challenge".

It said: "Although the case is clearly one of public importance, the proposed grounds of appeal do not raise points of law of general public importance.

"The principles of law which the court applied were all well known, settled and largely uncontroversial in the appeal.

"For these reasons, the court refuses permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court."

Megrahi's son Ali al-Megrahi, who has maintained his father’s innocence and is determined to fulfil the promise he made to clear his name and that of Libya, clearly cannot accept the Scots Appeal Court ruling.[1] He said:

"I have now instructed our legal team to seek leave to appeal directly to the UK Supreme Court which is the final court of appeal for my father's case.[2]

As Emeritus Professor of Lockerbie Studies, I have been closely monitoring all the developments in the Pan Am Flight 103 case that have unfolded since 21 December 1988. There is in my view only one ground of appeal which is likely to succeed in overturning Abdelbaset al-Megrahi's conviction in the UK Supreme Court, and his surname is Feraday:

Alan or Allen Feraday OBE (born 23 December 1937), former head of the Forensic Explosives Laboratory (FEL) at the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment (RARDE) at Fort Halstead in Kent, is a self-professed forensic expert in electronics.[3]

Although not so academically qualified, Allen Feraday was often addressed as ‘Dr’ or ‘Professor’ when he appeared as a time bomb expert witness in a number of high profile terrorist bombing cases including Danny McNamee (1982), John Berry (1983), Patrick Magee (1984), Hassan Assali (1985), the Gibraltar shootings (March 1988) and the Lockerbie bombing (December 1988).[4]

Margaret Thatcher soon took an interest in Allen Feraday after his evidence in the 1986 Brighton bombing case where Patrick Magee was convicted, and was especially grateful for the exculpatory testimony Feraday gave at the "Death on the Rock" inquest in Gibraltar, when the SAS were alleged to have been operating a "shoot to kill" policy against three IRA bombers killed in March 1988.[5]

Following the sabotage of Pan Am Flight 103 on 21 December 1988, the director of the Forensic Explosives Laboratory (FEL) Dr Thomas Hayes and his colleague Allen Feraday were tasked with the forensic investigation into the Lockerbie bombing, which was allocated the FEL case reference number PP8932. In the 1989 Queen's Birthday Honours list, Feraday was awarded an OBE[6] and took over as head of the FEL when Hayes retired to become a chiropodist in the latter part of 1989. Two years later, Feraday and Dr Hayes (who continued with the Lockerbie investigation on a part-time basis) compiled a Joint Forensic Report into case PP8932. The JFR identified the only piece of hard evidence in the Lockerbie case, PT/35(b), a tiny fragment of printed circuit board that Feraday asserted had been the trigger for the Lockerbie bomb.[7]

On 28 September 1993, Allen Feraday’s career prospects suddenly appeared to be in tatters when, in overturning John Berry's conviction, England's most senior judge, the Lord Chief Justice Lord Taylor of Gosforth, commented that although Feraday's views were "no doubt honestly held", his evidence had been expressed in terms that were "dogmatic in the extreme" and his conclusions were "uncompromising and incriminating".[8] LCJ Taylor went even further saying that in future Feraday should not be allowed to present himself as an expert in the field of electronics.[9][10] In 1995, Allen Feraday saw the writing on the wall[11] and, aged 58, took early retirement after 25 years' service at the FEL when RARDE was subsumed into the less regal-sounding Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA).[12]

How come then the main prosecution 'expert' witness at the trial in June 2000 of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi – who was convicted in January 2001 of the Lockerbie bombing – was none other than Allen Feraday? The obvious answer is that Scots Law Professor Robert Black arranged for the Lockerbie trial to be held under Scottish Judges in the Netherlands, where Feraday's ban imposed by the now-deceased English Law Lord could safely be ignored.[13]

Colin Boyd, Baron Boyd of Duncansby, was Lord Advocate for Scotland when the Lockerbie trial began in May 2000 so must have been fully aware that his star prosecution witness, Allen Feraday, had been banned from giving evidence by Lord Chief Justice Lord Taylor seven years earlier. It is interesting to note from Colin Boyd's Lockerbie Official Narrative that he credits Allen Feraday with identifying "a piece of circuitry no larger than a fingernail" as "identical to circuitry from an MST-13 timer." And that Feraday's June 1990 identification was made "with the assistance ultimately of the CIA and FBI."

However, the FBI's Tom Thurman has always maintained that he was the one who actually identified the MEBO timer fragment. So why wasn't Tom Thurman called as a prosecution witness? Well in 1997, as a result of a review by the US Inspector General, Michael Bromwich, Tom Thurman was barred from FBI scientific investigations and from being called as an expert witness. Bromwich had discovered that Thurman had no formal scientific qualifications and that he had been "circumventing procedures and protocols, testifying to areas of expertise that he had no qualifications in . . . therefore fabricating evidence."[14] Not surprising therefore that Tom Thurman was not called to give evidence about the timer fragment at the Lockerbie trial at Camp Zeist.

In the 2009 documentary film "Lockerbie Revisited", which was broadcast in the Netherlands on the eve of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi's second appeal against conviction for the Lockerbie bombing that started at the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh on 28 April 2009, the FBI's Richard Marquise was asked "Would you have a case if you wouldn't have this [timer fragment] evidence?"

Marquise replied:

"Would we have a case...it would be a very difficult case to prove...this helps our link. Without the timer fragment we would have been unable to develop additional evidence against Libya. I don't think we would ever have had an indictment."[15]

My recommendation, Mr Anwar, is that you appeal to the UK/Supreme Court to quash the Scottish Court in the Netherlands' 2001 conviction of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi on the basis of fabricated timer fragment evidence led by the "non-expert witness" Allen Feraday.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Haseldine

(Emeritus Professor of Lockerbie Studies)

PS. Once the conviction is overturned and Justice for Megrahi is finally achieved, I should be most grateful if you would support my petition "Why doesn't Scotland Yard launch a Bernt Carlsson murder inquiry?"

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WITNESS: number 579, HANS BROSAMLE, sworn
Q - Mr. Brosamle, are you Hans Brosamle?.
A - Officially it's Johannes Brosamle.
Q - Do you work for the Siemens AG company?
A - I worked. I am retired now.
Q - Thank you. What type of work did the Siemens Company carry cut?
A - Nearly everything in the electronic technique. Nuclear power plants, down to small semi-conductors, medical equipment, telecommunication, automotive, automation.
Q - Okay. So a company with wide experience in --
A - Yes.
Q -- the electronics industry?
A - Yes.
Q - And would that include experience of printed circuit boards??
A - Yes. That was the subject where Iworinclude experience of printed circuit boards?
Q - Thank you. In 1990, were you visited by police officers from Scotland?
A - Yes.
Q - And did they have with them a fragment from a printed circuit board
A - Yes.
Q - And did they ask you to examine it?
A - Yes.
Q - In order to assist the police with the examination, did you require to remove a section from the fragment?
A - Yes.
Q - Would you look for me firstly at Label 419. Now, do you have before you a small part of a fragment, Mr. --
A - Yes. I see my signature here.
The criminal history of a dark charred MST13 timer fragment (PT35) to a green coloured MST13 timer fragment (PT35/B) for the positive forensic comparison with a MST13 timer delivered to Libya (TOGO timer (K1); stay tuned...

A «Criminal Complaint against Police Scotland (Operation Sandwood)» is still pending. MEBO requests full transparency concerning the statement of an important Police witness. Was former Assistant Chief Constable Kate Thomson interviewed by «Operation Sandwood»?

Edwin Bollier had the opportunity to finally inspect the MST-13 fragment in 1999 at the HQ of Police Dumfries and Galloway. He was invited by the CROWN OFFICE. After the meetings, he (Bollier) requested a witness to verify the colours of the fragments. Former Assistant Chief Constable Kate Thomson had a close look at the fragments, but she was not allowed to say which colours she saw. Edwin Bollier is convinced – assuming she is not colour-blind - that she saw a large green coloured fragment and a small dark burnt fragment. Her statement as a witness at the Lockerbie Court would have been crucial, but she was not invited…

During the court in Zeist Edwin Bollier had the chance to meet Procurator Mirian Watson during a coffee break. She confirmed that the statement by police witness Kate Thomson was recorded in writing. MEBO received two detailed statements about the meeting in Dumfries but never a statement by witness Kate Thomson…

To our knowledge, the judges were not aware of the two „Statements of Witness“ in Dumfries and the additional statement by Kate Thomson.

Available statements > see http://www.lockerbie.ch/mebo/mebo1-9-dok730.html

After the conversation with Procurator Mirian Watson, Edwin Bollier intended to ask the judge to invite Kate Thomson as a witness. Unfortunately, it was not possible anymore as a further question was denied.

Quote: (Court transcript):
LORD SUTHERLAND: „Thank you, Mr Bollier. That's all.“
A: (Edwin Bollier): My Lord, may I put a question? Am I allowed to do that?
LORD SUTHERLAND: I think not Mr Bollier. Your evidence is now over, and that is all we can hear.
MEBO requests now access to the full statement by Kate Thomson.(Police Scotland)

MEBO proclaims: The truth is the most precious thing in the world and also applies to the clarification of the decisive, Scottish evidence fraud in the Lockerbie-PanAm103 case, to the detriment against LIBYEN and Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi....

Criminal law specialist Aamar Anwar: “I have no doubt that the new democratic Libyan government headed by Abdul Hamid Dabaiba will support the final appeal for justice on behalf of the al-Megrahi family and help in our efforts to prove the innocence of Libya and its people.”

Lockerbie/PanAm 103 - The biggest evidence fraud in the history of Scotland !
So far, we have not been contacted by the Crown Office unit... (including Lord Advocate Mr James Wolffe QC).
We would like to know about the planning of the next judical steps and timeframe to pursue the "Criminal complaint".
Why is the handling of the crucial Criminal Complaint against 'Police Scotland' (Operation SANDWOOD), filed on November 11th, 2020 by MEBO LTD & Edwin Bollier's correspondence lawyer Dr. Dieter Neupert, at the Crown Office - for qualified evidence fraud involving a crucial MST13 timer fragment (PT35) - continuing to be delayed?
Around the Scottish evidence fraud in the "Lockerbie/Pan Am 103 case", there is a clear exculpatory evidence in favor of LIBYA and Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi; which until today, is obviously repulsed by delaying tactics and Scottish "scurrilities".

Edwin Bollier & MEBO LTD, are thorough and fair in their approach to expose the truth cover-up in the questionable Scottish Justice ruling in 2000/01 - against Libya.

The criminal investigation into "evidence fraud" - against Police Scotland - in the "Lockerbie case Panam103", must also be examined by the UN.
Don't forget: The UN has supported the indictment of LIBYA - in the "Lockerbie case, PanAm 103" - against LIBYA....

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

1 February, 2021

A special part of the Scottish police and judiciary ("brotherhood") which has been involved in the search for the truth in the "Lockerbie/ PanAm103 case" is afraid, since the first to the third appeal, until today of the evidence fraud with the MST13 timer fragment PT35, PT35/B, - more than the devil fears the holy water.

Both "brotherhoods" involved were able to present a wonderful gift to the Appeal Court, High Court of Justiciary, at the last moment, shortly before the third Appeal, by a deliberately false conclusion of the report by the “Operation Sandwood”.

After 4 years of investigation by Police Scotland, they whitewashed their staff. Police Scotland's "Operation Sandwood", came to the mendacious conclusion that no criminal facts were found by its officers in connection with the "PanAm 103 bombing"investigation.
This allowed the Scottish Appeal Court to exclude the most important point in the Grounds of Review – 5/a – the MST-13 timer fragment PT35. This judicial trick leads to an unjustified verdict against Libya, Abdelbasset al-Megrahi and the detriment of MEBO.


LINK: Lockerbie Third Appeal — Judges uphold guilty verdict

and Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

15 January, 2021

Only with Evidence Fraud orchestrated by officials around Police Scotland, using MST13 timer material - could implicate LIBYA and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, in the "Lockerbie affair PanAm103".

Only one fact can bring down the foundation of lies in the "Lockerbie affair PanAm103", namely with the 100% fact of the Scottish evidence fraud, with the MST13 timer fragments PT35 /PT35/b PT35/B - which was deliberately spun off u.a.before the appeal began! SHAME!

Fortunately, since early December 2020, through Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd's solicitor, Dr Dieter Neupert, the "CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AGAINST POLICE SCOTLAND;



Lockerbie Third Appeal — Judges uphold guilty verdict
Lockerbie – Three Decades of Lies: J’Accuse…!

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

1 January, 2021

Film LINK > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZGTT3A8s-I

The new suspect in the "Lockerbie affair PanAm103"
Agila Mohammad MASUD, needs to be interrogated in a neutral place

This politically tinged "Christmas treat" about the "Lockerbie SAGA" - excellent and impressive announced by outgoing US Attorney General William Barr, on 32nd anniversary of the airline bombing, flight PanAm103, that killed 270 people - was hopefully his last possible "Cover-up" (LIE) in his life...

If, according to William Barr, as early as 1991, Agila Mohammad MASUD, was suspected of being the bomb-maker in the "Lockerbie case", why was he not at least listed and call up 2000/01, as a witness in the "Lockerbie trial"? There were several questions about MASUD at the Court in Zeist... (see Court transcript).

This new "decade" against LIBYA was started by the questionable video film "My Brother’s Bomber", by Ken Dornstein, USA.

It is respectful - that a brother who lost his brother in an assassination attempt - tries to find the real perpetrators and background of the assassination attempt on PanAm103; but what Mr Ken was trying to do with his mostly, provable LIES > in the "soft- and hardware" description, is extremely perfidious and nasty.!

Ken was personally at important places and addresses which appear in the"Lockerbie Saga", so at Dr Jim Swire home in Scotland, at MEBO/Edwin Bollier, in Switzerland, in Malta, BERLIN, Tripoli LIBYA, etc...

When Ken came to MEBO AG in Zurich for 2-3 days with his team, he was generously and comprehensively presented by Edwin Bollier, through software and hardware, with our evidence against the UK & USA Indictment - i.e. in favour of LIBYA and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi - for examination.

Ken was informed at MEBO how Badri Hassan, with his company ABH, haddeliberate implicated Mr Al Megrahi in the "Lockerbie disaster" etc.In order to appear convincing and serious, in Ken's film "My Brother’s Bomber",his allegation scenes were "coated" to 90% with correct media film reports around the 'Lockerbie Tragedy'; rest 10% highly questionable and defamatory!

As the Libyan Minister of Interior demands the formation of a "legal-political" team to defend LIBYA in the newly opened "Lockerbie case". We hope that the accused Agila Mohammad MASUD, can come to a neutral court interrogation e.g. at UN in Geneva/Switzerland, in the presence of USA and UK officials & judges.

He should have the possibility to comment - neutrally without influence - about the accusations that he is the bomb maker in the "Lockerbie case". The following decisive facts can already today be demonstrably set against Ken's and the, legally valid Scottish circumstantial verdict:

1.) False testimony of official witnesses under oath: No "dark charred " MST13 Timer Circuit Board, (PT35) was found or discovered on May 12, 1989; all further facts in this context can be proven today as "Scottish Evidence Fraud and LIE's" (Soft- & Hardware Evidence Fraud).
(Perjury Act 1911 CHAPTER 61 and 2Geo 5)

2.) Although Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, was in Malta on 7th December 1988, Al Megrahi cannot be verified as a clothes buyer - who according to Tony Gauci's claim (court testimony, 2000/01, sworn) - bought various clothes on the same day 7/12/1988, at his boutique "Mary's House"!
Today it is proven that the unknown "clothes buyer" visited Tony Gauci on December 23, 1988, and bought clothes; important: Al Megrahi, was not in Malta on this date 23/12/1988 (Police confirmation)

3.) There is no proof that Abdelbaset Al Megrahi - only because of the intelligence passport, with alias name under "Ahmed Khalifa Abdusamad" - with the real photo of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi - had anything to do with an "IED bomb case" or the clothes purchase at Gauci.
The double passport was used for other intelligence operations. Al Megrahi produced the "alias passport" early during questioning and personally brought the passport to court after in "The Hague" in 1998.

4.) There is no real circumstantial evidence that the bomb suitcase was transported from Malta via Frankfurt to Heathrow and loaded onto flight PA'103 to New York....
On the basis of suspicions an alternative scenario must be investigated about passenger (Mougrabi) and the transport of a possible bomb suitcase - from Cyprus, with flight CY'1364, Cyprus Airways, to Heathrow on 21 December 1988, and reloaded onto PanAm'103. There was talk about the “Cyprus connection” at the Court, but the further travel destination of Mr Mougrabi or his stay in London, remains in the dark.

5.) MEBO Investigation Result: Mr Abdelbasset Al Megrahi, as well as a MEBO MST-13 timer fragment (PT35, PT35/b, PT35/B) and a Toshiba Radiorecorder (RT-8016-SF16) have nothing to do with the "Lockerbie Affair / PanAm103"; will soon be proven by the ongoing Appeal or the Criminal Complaint, filed by MEBO, against Police Scotland (Operation Sandwood) and could be costly for Mr Ken, because he is also responsible for creating considerable reputational damage to the detriment of MEBO Ltd & Edwin Bollier and Others.

Summary: MEBO thinks that the Lockerbie-disaster has been abused to conspire against LIBYA and has used the firm MEBO ltd., as its link. Lockerbie could become a "hot potato" for Ken and Attorney William Barr.

It is highly important that Agila Mohammad MASUD, can come to a court interrogation in a neutral location e.g. UN (United Nations) Geneva/Switzerland

The further search for the real culprits must be directed in another direction!

LINK: https://gosint.wordpress.com/lockerbie-three-decades

and > https://www.bitchute.com/video/qTzisla5E9qv/?fbclid

and > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1cNzH4j6_Q

and > https://www.facebook.com

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland