'short MEBO Report'


Under the direction of SIO chief, Superintendent Stuart Henderson, accompanied by experts Allen Feraday (RARDE) and Mr. MacLean, the FBI was deceived in June 1990, with a new "fake" MST13 timer fragment (PT35) !

With this circuit board (PT35) rigged from a MST13 Timer board, a new fake piece of evidence was fabricated to deceive the experts in the FBI lab, deliberately; Because the same circuit boards (make, Thüring) were also installed in the MST13 timers delivered to Libya.

Thus it is understandable that after a forensic comparison with the TOGO-K-1,timer, FBI, could be lawfully set out that verified fragment comes from an identical circuit board of a MST13 timer, which was uset in the MST13 timers delivered to Libya..

Also the, from CIA, 1986 owned, "TOGO timer", K-1 - later handed over to FBI - was a MST13 timer, formerly from MEBO Ltd, (1985) delivered to Libya).

Only with this staged evidence scam, it was possible to connect Libya, with the bombing on Pan 103, over Lockerbie ! (Picture No.1)

Picture No.1

Mark: q - There was no two (2) Solder tracks on the MST 13 Timer/circuit boards, were delivered to Libya, only Copper > the two (2)Tracks was sealed and overprinted with Expoxid material ware on it > not tinned as the Original fragment PT35 found in Lockerbie!

Edwin Bollier/MEBO Ltd, today is absolutely convinced that Scottish police, by (Operation SANDWOOD)-not just one (1) evidence scam, but as known today, at least a second (2) evidence fraud in the 'Lockerbie case', with two MST13 timer circuit boards, both Referred to as (PT35)!

Unlawful act: Already during the Lockerbie/PanAm103 court procedure 2000/01, two (2) secret police documents, from 'BKA' & 'FBI', most important for the court proceedings, were hold back obviously, because it could have changed whole story against Libya and Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

1,) Based on this (BKA) document on page (2) 000164, from 14 May 1990, it was discovered that the Scottish Detective Chief Inspector, Gordon Ross Ferrie (possibly a "Whistleblower"?) - 10 years before the Lockerbie trial at Kamp van Zeist, Ferrie told an important unknown fact to the (BKA):

"That the *Platinebruchstück" was found in January 1990, in the cuff of the "Slalom shirt"! * fragment of the MST13 timer circuit board PT35)"!

Picture No.4

Picture No.2, show the first real MST13 Timerfragment (PT35) part from a prototyp MST13 Timer, with two parallrl solder tracks, "silver" coloured ! Notabene the MST13 "TOGO"timer (K-1) had not such solder tracks "silver coloured"!!! (see picture No.4, bottom right).

Picture No.3

Picture No.2, show the first real MST13 Timerfragment (PT35) part from a prototyp MST13 Timer.
Picture No.3, beside shows the patchwork, after cut (PT35) by Siemens:
(On April 27, 1990, the fragment (PT35) had been sawn into two (2) sections (PT35/a) and (DP31/a) at company Siemens in Munich/Germany)

This also clarifies that the MST13 Timerfragment (PT35) not discovered on May 12, 1989, at RARDE, in a slalom shirt and registered on a fake add-on page No. 51, in the RARDE report 181, by official witnesses. They lied under oath !
(Further "fake" evidence in connection with Page 51, is the overwritten police label No.168, refers to (PI'995) and the mysterious memorandum to DI William Williamson, by expert Allen Feraday 'RARDE' from Septeber 15 1989, etc.

2,) FBI Investigation Report Nr. 262-23, Forensic Laboratory, of August 20, 1990 (FBI SECRET CLASSIFY BY 6578, DECLASSIFY ON 'OADR'):
The FBI-forensic Laboratory in Washington, was deliberately deceived by Scotish Officials, with a "fake" (MST13) timer fragment PT35, in 1990, to the detriment of Libya, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Edwin Bollier / MEBO Ltd. > (Picture, No.1)

In early June 1990, headed by SIO Chief Superintendent Stuart Henderson, accompanied by expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) and Mr MacLean, visited the FBI Laboratory in Washington.
After a meeting with FBI expert Tom Thurman, the Scots handed over for a forensical comparison test of the FBI laboratory, a MST13 timer fragment (PT35).

On this visit, the FBI was deceived by the Scots, because not the first, original "black carbonized" MST13 Timer fragment (PT35) as found in the Lockerbie area, was handed over for a forensic *comparison, but a second - now a "fake" fragment, "green colored", created from an MST13 timer circuit board, which was also used in the timers delivered to Libya! *The (TOGO timer, K-1, was from Libya)!
Important: At the time of the comparison, the Original fragment was already cut into 2 pieces and the Fake fragment was a complete piece (1piece)!
(see Picture No.314).

Picture No.314

SIO Chief Henderson and his crew, issued the following statement (according to the FBI report):
"On January 22, 1990, forensic Scientist at RARDE informed the FBI, that they had discovered, trapped in the Slalom shirt, production number PI'995, several fragments of black plastics, consistent with the case of the Toshiba radio, a fragment of green circuit board (PT35)".

The forensic comparison data, were published in the secret FBI investigations report No. 262-23, of 20/08/1990.
It was known from this report, that the new "fake" fragment (PT35) was forensically compared with a Libyan MST13 timer (called TOGO timer, K-1) in the FBI Labratory in Washington.
The available MST13 Timer, was taken 1986, in TOGO, and in possession by CIA; later handed over to FBI in Washington.

The comparison with the new MST13 Timefragment should prove - whether the fragment (PT35) descended from an MST13 timer delivered to Libya - which was correct confirmed, by the FBI report, as positive.

The results can be found in the FBI-investigation report nr. 262-23 of August 20, 1990.

Personnel from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Explosives Unit discovered asimilarity between the circuit board fragment (PT35) and a printed circuit board, which is a component part of an electronic timer recovered In Africa in September, 1986 (now referred as "TOGO-timer, specimen K-1).

On June 22, 1990, a side by side comparison of specimen (K-1) and (PT35) resulted in a positive identification of (PT35) as being similar to spaciman (K-1). In essence, it has been determined that the (PT35) circuit board fragment originated from a circuit board that was like or identical to specimen (K-1)circuit board, Specimen (K-1) is described as part of a digital, battery operated, long delay timer.

In a new MEBO report, Edwin Bollier / MEBO Ltd, attention to Scottish Police "Operation SANDWOOD", describes the occurrence of a multiple fraud, from A-Z, based on technical and forensic facts. The report will be ready soon.