1.) First Film Sequence: Richard Marquise answered of Gideon Levy's question:
Would you have a case if you wouldn't have these evidence (MST-13 timer)?
Richard Marquise: Would we have a case. It would be a very difficult case to prove. It would be a very difficult case to prove ... I don't think we would ever had an indictment.
And he said also: But I can tell you that now money was paid to any witness, any witness prior to the trial. No promise of money was made to any witness prior to the trial.
Gideon Levy: And was there paid any money after he trial?
Richard Marquise: I'm not gonna answer that.
And he said: If someone manipulated evidence, if somebody didn't invesitgate something that should have been investigated, if somebody twisted it to fit up Megrahi or Fimah or Libya, then that person will go to jail. I mean that sincerely, that person should be prosecuted for that.
Watch film sequence, LINK: doc. coming soon...

2.) Second Film Sequence: Dialog between FBI Expert Tom Thurman and Film Director Gideon Levy:
"Lockerbie expert" Tom Thurman (FBI): “I had the real piece of evidence. That pointed to Libya. Absolutely. The photograph was the first thing, and then the real piece of evidence was brought over.” [.....] Text-Quotes from the video LINK:
”Then there was a one to one identification made - the “real piece of evidence” - to the timer - the MST-13 timer - was made in the FBI laboratory.” [.....] “The authorities from England brought over the “real piece of evidence”. [....] That examination (FBI) was verified in the forensic science laboratory in England. So it was not only my examination...”

Mebo comment: The statement by Tom Thurman is false!
The FBI Lab (see report) only compared a "control sample" - not the “real piece of evidence”! The "control sample" was possibly made of circuit board material from Thüring.
They had enough material, handed over to the authorities by Mebo and Ulrich Lumpert, to produce a MST-13 sample. If the FBI would have compared the "real piece of evidence" to the Togo-Timer, then the result would have been completely different...!

Remember - the fragment discovered at 'RARDE' derived from a non-functional MST-13 prototype timer, never delivered to Libya. (see photograph of the fragment in the red circle). Only this fragment was found in the Lockerbie area.
A correct comparison with the "real piece of evidence" would never ever have led to an indictment !

Comment by Edwin Bollier/MEBO:
The tricky statements by leading Scottish and US officials....
You need to watch this eye opening video clip about the MST-13 fragment and please read also the "psychoanalytic" comments by Edwin Bollier/Mebo Ltd. You will notice the striking and irritated reactions and movements of the two leading officials during the interview. It is an excerpt of the award-winning film documentary "Lockerbie Revisited" by Gideon Levy.

Based on intensive research, it can be assumed that both officials knew that at least two (2) pieces of different, manipulated ' circuit boards ' (fragments) of MST13 timer were used in the criminal 'Lockerbie Affair'.
FBI Special Agent Richard Marquise led the U.S. Task Force which included the FBI, Department of Justice AD the CIA. Scottish Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Henderson was SIO at the Lockerbie investigation in Scotland.

Gideon Levy interviewed them due to an astonishing statement by Lord Fraser. The Lord insisted that the fragment of the MST-13 timer was never brought to the USA. Gideon Levy - asked therefore the following questions first to Mr Marquise:

1,) "Has the MST13 Timer circuit board been brought to USA"?

2,) A convincing spontaneous response from Mr. Marquise ended with the statement: "The circuit board was in the United States ".

3,) DI chief Stuart Henderson, who was standing beside of Mr. Marquise interrupted with a caustic tone: "The circuit board was never in the United States "!

4,) Rather dismayed Mr. Marquise tried to save the situation by declaring that only a circuit board in a MST13 timer, was in the US under custody of the FBI. The circuit Board (fragment) was never in the USA, only a photograph of the circuit board....

5,) Gideon Levy, opposed to Mr. Marquise by saying: "Forensic expert Tom Thurman, has confirmed to me (in a filmed interview) that the circuit board was in the US ". Reply by Marquise, "No, no the circuit board never came to the USA".

6,) Now SIO Stuart Henderson interfered again in the tangled situation and supported the statement "that the circuit Board was never in the USA... at all"!

The tricky statements by the two officials, that the original circuit board fragment of the MST-13 timer was not brought to the US, were after the determine correction from Stuart Henderson, correct...
They brought another fragment but defenetly not the original as found at the 'RARDE' laboratory in UK. Remember: the original fragment is the one on the photo with a red circle.

Both officials, Marquise & Henderson, knew at this time that wilfully another fragment (not the original), a so-called control sample of a MST13 circuit board, (DP/347/b) was brought by Scottish officials, led by SIO Stuart Henderson, at the beginning of June 1990, to the FBI laboratory in the USA.

A report by the FBI laboratory writes that they assumed that the fragment was the one found in the Lockerbie area and discovered at the 'RARDE' Laboratory. That was untrue. They forensically compared a control sample circuit board with a "Libyan MST13 timer", owned by CIA, since 1986, known as Togo timer (K'1). Because the control sample circuit board (PT35/b = DP/347/b) was the same type as the MST13 timer delivered to Libya, it was positively identical with the Togo-timer (K-1)!

It finally was used to blame Libya and Abdelbaset al Megrahi. There was enough circuit board material (delivered by MEBO to the authorities) to make a control sample fitting the original MST-13 timer.
If they would have compared the original fragment the result would have been negative, as the fragment derived from a non-functional prototype timer - never delivered to Libya. Another crucial evidence is the fact that the original fragment was cut by Siemens in Germany on 27 April 1990, into two parts, well before the comparison in the USA. The statement by the FBI describes a one piece fragment and never a two piece fragment. It astonishes that there is no reference to a forensic test for explosive residues.

Important: the original fragment was also never tested of explosive residues although it was part of a bomb explosion. What an omission!
The secret report of the FBI report was only recently declassified. Only by this report it was possible to find out that they compared the wrong fragment. Unfortunately it led to the indictment against Libya and their officials.

FBI still pretended that they had no idea who was the producer of the MST-13 timer. That is hard to believe. MEBO Telecommunication was in the focus of several secret services and they knew that MEBO is producing MST-13 timers. The Scottish police was still running from lab to lab in order to find the producer of the timers...
What a waste of time and resources. Was it just a communication problem between the Scots and the US authorities?
After the publication of the "Lockerbie Revisited" documentary (1991), a written correction by Richard Marquise had to be added at the end of the film, among others:

"I just want to clarify one thing. I recall I told you 'PT35' (it means the circuit board) did come to Washington in June 1991... (MEBO: The year is wrong, it was June 1990)...

Thanks to the FBI Report No. 262-23 (1990), it is proven that only a "control sample" (not the original fragment) was compared with the Togo Timer (K-1) and this manipulation cleared the way for the indictment and later it was used as part of the evidence at the court in Zeist.
It is time that the review of the case will restore justice as soon as possible. It is expected that the findings of the "Operation Sandwood" by Scottish Police will help to find the truth and reveal the severe manipulations which occurred in this dramatic case.


Please note the striking, irritated reactions and movements of both official officials, during the interview in the documentary excerpt 'Lockerbie Revisited'.

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Court Report District Columbia, testimony of expert James T. THURMAN, Januar 16, 1991;
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2 piece EMTEC Chip, with information, with text, sound, pictures and video material.

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