The Bombing Affair, 'PanAm 103/Lockerbie' directed against LIBYA, is built on a sea of lies and a monstrous "cryptogram" intelligence dizziness !
MEBO interpretation anticipated:

The Operation "SANDWOOD" of Scottish Police is in possession, after the "Lockerbie process" against Libya & Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, among others, of the following decisive documents (provided from MEBO):

1,) Doc. No. ST'33 - 068507 / 88, date (14. 05. 1990) Germans Federal Criminal Investigation Office (BKA);
2,) Doc. Swiss Federal Prosecutor, Department of State Protection, from 30.07.2012, signed by the current Attorney General of Switzerland Michael Lauber on 27.08.2012;
3,) Declassifyd FBI investigation Report No. 262 - 23, date 20 / 08 / 1990, Washington D.C.
4,) Doc. from court records detained by the United States District Court of Columbia, dated October 9, 1991, about the testimony of FBI Expert, JAMES T. THURMAN, was taken in presence of a full quorum of Grand Jury 91-1, impaneled on Jnuary 16, 1991.

After the first "black cabonized" MST13 timerfragment (PT35) a manipulated "green coloured" fragment (PT35) was designed to be compared to a "TOGO timer" marked as (K-1), which was similar to a (MST13) timer delivered two years prior to the Lockerbie tragedy by MEBO Ltd to the Libyan procurement.
Only in June/August 1990, after comparing the green coloured" fragment (PT35) with the so called (TOGO Timer K-1) in the Laboratory by FBI, at Washington, it was now clear for them that the fragment came from a MST-13 timer.
Significant difference, among others in the first "black carbonized" fragment, were the two parallel tracks, covered with silver colored solder. In the second fragment the tracks were black anodized, same as the Togo timer (K-1) !
Further investigations at MEBO AG, confirmed that the Togo Timer K-1 originated from Libya. It was now quite clear that Libya could be blamed for the bombing of PanAm 103.
(FBI Investigation Report 262-23, August 20, 1990)

A comparison with the “Original black carbonized" PT35 fragment” would have shown a completely different result! This tiny piece of circuit board was never part of a timer delivered to Libya!

Unfortunately, the wrong chronology with the manipulated MST13 timer fragment (PT35), is legally still valid. The chronology was crucial for the wrong verdict. New official documents and evidence can show now the true chronology and debunk the manipulations.

MEBO interpretation anticipated:
A manipulated fragment (PT35) green in colour, was designed to be compared with a "TOGO timer" marked as (K'1), which was similar to a (MST- 13) timer, delivered two years prior to the Lockerbie tragedy by MEBO Ltd to the Libyan procurement.
The result of this comparison made it possible to indict Libya to be responsible, for having put the bomb in the PanAm 103! This manipulation had a specific politically motivation against the then Gaddafi Regime.
The Prosecution and the and the Defence at the "Lockerbie Trial" 2000/01 in Zeist, against of the Libyan nationals, Lamen Khalifa Fhimah and Abdelbaset al Megrahi, were in possession of those important exonerating documents.
Obviously they have been totally ignored! No form of reference in the trial protocol (12’000 pages) can be found... What a scandalous omission !
LIBYA and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, must be exonerated to 100%! More exonerating evidence will follow, hopefully also in February/March 2018, by Operation Sandwood...

The wrong verdict at the "Lockerbie trial" in Kamp van Zeist 2000/01, directed against LIBYA, is based on the following falsehoods and deceptions:
The "mysterious" memorandum between expert Allen Feraday and DI William Williamson:
According to the legal proceedings, first on September 15, 1989, in the laboratory of the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment (RARDE) of expert Allen Feraday, 1 (one) piece of fragment of a green circuit board was discovered, of which Feraday made Polaroid Photos.
The memorandum and photos were intended for information purposes, for DI William Williamson DI.
By describing the fragment and the existence of a curve (0.6") - on the memorandum, "Feraday feels, that the fragment could be potentially most important"!
The memorandum was accompanied by a police label on which the original date of September 10, 1990, was booked back (overwritten) to September 15, 1989!
[Why even the day, September 10 to September 15 had to be reversed? Simple explanation... Because the back posting to the year 1989, September 10 would have been a Sunday ...]
Label = (picture P1); Memorandum (15. 09. 1990), by Feraday, to William Williamson 'Scottish police' = (picture P2).
The pictures in the photos showed a fragment which was already classified by Feraday as a fragment of a circuit board and later marked as a fragment (PT35) after the reversal on the wrong date (May 12, 1990).
The court ruling is based on the manipulated additional page No. 51, the RARDE Report 181 - and thus the finding of the crucial piece of evidence, "the green colored fragment (PT35) under section A / B / C / D, on the wrong discovery date of May 12, 1989.
This date was testified by the official witness Dr. Thomas Hayes, at court, and confirmed under oath ...
Furthermore, the fragment (PT35) was first discovered in a charred SLALOM shirt, at RARDE, allegedly May 12, 1989. Also this was testified at the court by Dr. Thomas Hayes and Feraday !

The "Lockerbie verdict" was based on a circumstantial evidence process (2000/01). The court in Kamp van Zeist wrongly postulated that a fragment (PT35) came from an MST13 timer, which activated an "Improvised Explosive Device" (IED) and caused the PanAm 103 crash, on December 21, 1988, over Lockerbie. (270 victims).
Obviously to involve Libya in the "Lockerbie tragedy", it was claimed by the court that the fragment (PT35) descended from one of the 20 pieces of MST13 timers, which were delivered by Mebo Ltd. in 1985/86, to the Libya MilitaryProcurement.

On this falsified legal base against Libya, additional false indicia offences, the two Libyans, Lamin Khalifa Fhimah and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi were blamed.
Thanks to only recently revealed and access to additional important documents, the manipulations and fabrications can now be proved.

The factual chronology of the (PT35) fragment:
In autumn 1989, before X-mas, a black carbonized fragment (PT35) of an MST13 Circuit Board was brought to the MEBO engineer Ulrich Lumpert by an unknown *official.
In an interview on a video from October 6, 2016, engineer Ulrich Lumpert describes how and when, he had scratched 3 scratch marks and a letter (M), on the carbonized fragment (PT35). (Video AK'23)
SIO Chief Stuart Henderson affirmed, in an interview, (documentary film "Lockerbie Revisited", that the fragment (PT35) was always accompanied and protected by an officer of the Scottish Police.
*There are some reasons to believe that the “mystery official” could have been DI XXX (in investigation)...?

If an official of the Scottish Police? was attending the “scratch session”, it would confirm that they knew since autumn 1989 (before X-mas) that Mebo Ltd. Zurich was the manufacturer of the MST-13 Timers. They still where running form lab to lab, for many months, in order to find out who was the manufacturer of the MST-13 timers... What a waste of time and resources...

MEBO Questions:
Why was it possible that the following lies stories were fabricated by Scottish officials/experts official at the Lockerbie court, in Kamp van Zeist, that the original fragment (PT35) was first discovered on September 15, 1989.
Ultimately, the court accepted that the original fragment (PT35) was discovered in a charred slalom shirt, at the earlier date May 12, 1989, at RARDE. This is hard to understand because the court was in possession of documents which postulated that the fragment was discovered between January 16-20, 1990.
The fragment was recovered in a section of a gray-colored shirt,'Slalom' brand. (section 5.1.3)
FBI expert Tom Thurman, knew from Expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) since February 1990, about the finding of the fragment (PT35) on January 1990, and got its photos of the fragment (PT35). (see protocol of the US District court of Columbia)

There were clear reasons > Why Mr.Thomas Thurman led to believe that he got the photo with the image of the fragment (PT 35) only on June 11, 1990, by SIO Stuart Henderson?

5) Mr ThomasThurman had a photo of the fragment already since February 1990. (see US Court document) . Why he waited approximately 4 months until he was asking for authorisation on June 12, 1990, from SIO investigating officer in the Lockerbie inquiry, Stuart Henderson (Scottish Police) to show the photo of the fragment (PT35) outside the FBI?

6) Why was Mr. Thomas Thurman allowed on June 20. 1990 to announce that the fragment (PT35) derived from a MST13 timer?

7) Only in August 1990, after comparing the fragment (PT35) with the so called (TOGO Timer K-1) in the Laboratory by FBI, at Washington, it was now clear for them that the fragment came from a MST-13 timer.
Further investigations at MEBO AG, confirmed that the Togo Timer K-1 originated from Libya. It was now quite clear that Libya could be blamed for the bombing of PanAm 103.
(FBI Investigation Report 262-23, August 20, 1990)

Why must such crucial 'Bosses /Personalitys' lie in the"Lockerbie/PanAm103" investigation..???
FBI Special Agent Richard A. Marquise, Led the U.S. Task Force which included the FBI, Department of Justice inclusive of the CIA > and Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Henderson (Scottish Police) was SIO at the Lockerbie Incident control centre > both had to lie in the interview in the film document "Lockerbie Revisited" > that the MST13 Timerfragment (PT35) was never brought to FBI at U.S.A > just a photo? (see film excerpt)...
MEBO answer: Both officials were right, the first original "black carbonized"
(PT35) fragment was never at FBI in the USA !
They could vigorously assert that, because at that time when the film was taked, the Truth was top secret - that by the forensic comparison with the TOGO timer (K-1), a second fragment, now "green coloured" (PT35) was brought from the Scots, on 20, June 1990, to the FBI lab in Washington !
(see Declassifyd FBI report)
The "black carbonized" fragment, had been sawed in two parts by Siemens, since 27 April 1990, and was under the protection of D&G in Scotland.
You will find out more (40 pages) about this fatal story at the complete MEBO-2018 report and will be published shortly on MEBO's Webpage.
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