27 December 2022

Project: Mr Abu Agila Masoud (USA Indictment) – 'Lockerbie case'.

I, Edwin Bollier, owner of MEBO Ldt. Telecommunications, Zurich/Switzerland. Swiss citizen.
MEBO Ltd. did business with Libya and is the manufacturer of the MST-13 timers.
A fragment of such a timer was allegedly found in Lockerbie after the crash of PanAm 103.

I was witness No 548 at the Lockerbie Court in Zeist/The Netherlands.
The court convicted Mr. Abdelbasset al Megrahi and concluded that a MST-13 Timer triggered the bomb on board PanAm103.
I was always convinced that the fragment presented at the court was manipulated. Only after the court, we discovered evidence which confirmed the manipulation.
The indictment of Abu Agila Masoud opens now a new page in the controversial case. I am investigating the Lockerbie affair for many years and I am familiar with most aspects of the case including the technical issues about the MST-13 timer.

Therefore I am askin to invite me to the US court as a witness.
I am convinced that my knowledge will help to find the truth.
Additionally, I would like to recommend to invite as well the following people to become witnesses:

• Mr Allen Feraday (Expert RARDE) Witness No 335 / Lockerbie Court

• Dr. Thomas Hayes (Expert RARDE) Witness No 586 / Lockerbie Court

• DI William Williamson (Police Scotland) Witness No 994 / Lockerbie Court

• Eng. Hans Brosamle (Siemens, Munich / Germany) Witness No 579 / Lockerbie Court

• Mr Peter Flückiger (ex-NDB (BUPO) Witness No 567 / Lockerbie Court

• ID Kate Thomson (Police Scotland) She was not invited as a witness to the Lockerbie Court

• Mr Thomas Thurman (Expert FBI) He was not invited as a witness to the Lockerbie Court !

• Mr Hassan Badri. Company ABH > Libya > Benin > ex Zurich

For information: Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd. filed on 11th November 2020 in Scotland by our Lawyer a «Criminal Complaint against Police Scotland (Operation Sandwood). Police Scotland Professional Standards confirmed that the Complaint is under assessment.

We are still waiting for answers concerning our 10 accusations.

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

12 December 2022

The owner of the telecommunication company MEBO Ltd., Switzerland, Edwin Bollier, demands from the US Justice, to be invited as a witness - in favour of LIBYA - in the upcoming trial with Mr Abu Ajila Masoud; because in the last "Lockerbie Trial/PanAm 103", in Scotland, decisive software and hardware evidence can be proven to be incorrect! (a.o. an MST-13 fragment was manipulated and evidence only occurred after the trial).

In addition, further witnesses are recommended by MEBO for questioning, among others officers and experts from Police Scotland. A "Criminal complaint" (Operation Sandwood) against Police Scotland is currently under assessment in Scotland since November 11th, 2020.

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

4 December 2022

With our respect to the families of the victims of
around flight PanAm103 and of flight UTA'772.

Did the aircraft tragedy of and around Flight PanAm 103, and regarding the "Lockerbie Affair" - lead to the deliberate reverberation of the blown up Flight UTA'772 over the Sahara Desert in 1989...?

The tragedy of UTA Flight 772 on 19 September 1989 over the African desert was apparently the second conspiracy against the Libyan state after the tragedy of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie.

Mr Saif al-Gaddafi said in 1991 that the Libyans were "innocent" of the bombings of PanAm flight 103 and UTA flight 772.

(Concerning Flight UTA'772)
After an anonymous caller to a news agency in London at the end of September 1989 claimed, among other things, that the "Secret Chadian Resistance Group" was responsible for the attack on flight UTA'772, FBI forensic scientist Thomas James Thurman travelled to Paris and worked together with the French experts on the forensic investigation of the explosion on UTA'772.

Thomas Thurman already played a decisive role in the investigation of the "Lockerbie case PanAm103".
Thurman was later suspended by the FBI after it became known that he had, among other things, manipulated crucial FBI reports of his boss.
Thomas Thurman was never called as a witness in the PanAm103 case before the court in Zeist for good reasons...

Back to UTA 772:
French paratroopers had searched the desert for several thousand pieces of debris scattered over 50 square miles.
Suddenly, an investigator claimed to have found a small fragment of a populated circuit board among the debris, but it did not match an MST13 timer (PT35).
As is well known, such an MST-13 timer fragment was allegedly found during the investigation of PanAm103, which activated the "IED bomb".

But where did the tiny time fuze fragment from the wreckage of the UTA'772 come from?

For the investigators, the fragment led back to a Taiwanese manufacturer. A German company (Grasslin) had ordered and sold several time fuses; these were used for other purposes. The Grasslin company had nothing to do with the attack on UTA'772!
As became known, in 1989 an agent (counterpart) of a foreign intelligence service had deliberately involved the Libyan Security Organisation (JSO) in the "TY" timer business with the HP distribution company.

Link: UTA 772 aircrash

Similar to the Lockerbie affair "PanAm103", a fragment of a TY timer was allegedly found at the site of the DC-10 wreckage of flight UTA 772.
As in the "PanAm103 affair", LIBYA was also held responsible for the crash of flight UTA'772 through false software and hardware evidence; according to the motto "nothing is true, everything is permitted"...

The aircraft was carrying 156 passengers and 14 crew members on bord, including Bonnie Pugh, wife of the American ambassador to Chad. 7 Americans died. Other passengers originated from Europe and Africa.
There was absolutely no motive for Libya to commit such an atrocity

Significant events in US-Libya relations in 2008.
The bereaved families of the 170 victims who died after an alleged "bombing" of flight UTA'772 on 19 September 1989 lost the demanded lawsuit (over 6 billion US dollars) against Libya by the law firm Crowell & Moring LLP!
Apparently because there was no valid soft and hard evidence against Libya, then US President George W. Bush decided to end the questionable UTA'772 case with a "Libyan Claims Resolution Act".

On 4 August 2008, US President George Bush signed the "Libyan Claims Resolution Act", which had been passed by Congress on 31 July 2008, into law.

The French judiciary continues to accuse Libya of being responsible for the bombing of UTA'772.
Only with this "accusation" - France's indictment of Libya - could the necessary votes be obtained for the UN sanctions, so that the two defendants Al Megrahi and Fhimah could be extradited for the Lockerbie case/PanAm103, on trial in the USA or Scotland.

Connection with the Lockerbie air crash
(Concerns flight PanAm'103)
Following the court verdict in 2000/01, in the Scottish "Lockerbie Trial/PanAm103", in Kamp van Zeist (Holland) against the official Libyans, Abdelbasset Al Megrahi and Fhimah, Lamin Khalifa, the following document was signed on 14th August 2008.


In order to further the process of nom1alization of relations on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, the United States of America and the Great Socialist People's
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (collectively "the Parties") have agreed on the following:

The objective of this Agreement is to:

(1) reach a final settlement of the Parties' claims) and those oftheir nationals (including natural and juridical persons);

(2) terminate permanently all pending suits (including suits with judgments that are still subject to appeal or other forms of direct judicial review......


LINK: https://www.justice.gov/.../06/18/settlement_agreement.pdf

stay tuned...

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

18 November, 2022

The UN should take responsibility for LIBYA - and have the incorrect "politically infiltrated" court decision of the Scottish Judiciary of 15 January 2021, against the official Abdelbasset Al Megrahi and LIBYA - examined by professional experts in soft and hardware.

MEBO LTD. & Edwin Bollier, accuses the Scottish Judiciary of having obtained the verdict against Al Megrahi and LIBYA, by using fraudulent evidence!

14 November 1991 - American and Scottish judicial authorities issued arrest warrants for Libyan intelligence officers (JSO) Abdel Basset Ali Al Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah.

On 28 November 1991 - Libyan leader Muammar al Gaddafi refused to comply with the extradition request of the US and the UK. He did, however, hold out the prospect of compensation payments for the victims of the accused who were found guilty in an international court, or for example at the UN in Geneva.

The USA and the United Kingdom did not accept this offer.
On 21 January 1992, the UN Security Council unanimously called on the Libyan government to extradite the accused. In April 1992, sanctions were then imposed on LIBYA.

On 11 December 1996 - Al Megrahi and Fhimah agreed to a trial in a neutral country while maintaining their innocence.

On 18 September 1998 - The US and UK agreed on a court, Camp Zeist in the Netherlands as the venue for a trial under Scottish law.

On 5 April 1999 - The two suspected assassins were brought to the Netherlands accompanied by a UN plenipotentiary. UN sanctions were subsequently suspended after 8 years against Libya.

At the start of the trial on 3 May 2000, both defendants denied the charges against them. 31 January 2001 - After almost nine months of trial, the court found Al Megrahi guilty of murder and imposed a life sentence. This is also confirmed in an appeal in 2002. Fhimah Lamin Khalifa was acquitted.

15 August 2003 - Libya had to accept the promise and formal responsibility for the Lockerbie attack and paid the compensation of US$ 2.7 billion to the relatives; of the victims.

It will come to light that with the dismissed appeal of 15 January 2021, the evidence fraud of Police Scotland (Operation Sandwood), among others, had to be deliberately covered up.

On 14 July 2022, the UK Supreme Court refused the appellants Ali Abdelbaset Al Megrahi's direct request for leave to appeal against the Scottish Court decision. This means that Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi's original conviction for murder is confirmed and the appeal process is at the end.

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

6 November, 2022

The Libyan official Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi does not have anything to do with the"Lockerbie Tragedy" !!!

The LIE PROOF that Al Megrahi was the clothes buyer, allegedly on December 7th, 1988, in Malta was uncovered. He did not buy clothes and an umbrella, from Shopkeeper Anthony Gauci in the Boutique "Mary's House".

There is a further crucial LIE !

It is revealed; there in connection with the bombing on flight PanAm103, no unaccompanied transit suitcase (Samsonite) on flight AirMalta KM180, from Malta to Frankfurt, which could not be assigned in Frankfurt to a passenger. The 'BKA' investigated the baggage loading documents and came to this conclusion too.

The alleged Improvised Explosive Device (IED) - first appeared in Frankfurt as Tray No. B-8849! (Samsonie Koffer)

This proves that no "explosive suitcase" was checked in by Al Megrahi, on 21 December 1988, on flight KM180, from Malta to Frankfurt - with the help of station manager Fhima, Lamen Khalifa!

Therefore Mr Fhima was acquitted in the "Lockerbie trial" 2000, in Zeist!

Nevertheless, in the "Lockerbie Trial" 2000/01, in Zeist, it was legally decided, that an explosive case brand "Samsonite" Tray No. B-8849 was transferred from Air Malta, Flight KM-180 to PanAm Flight PA-103/A in FRANKFURT, which later brought down the Boeing 747 (main flight PA-103) over Lockerbie... ("legally claim") ! ....

In addition, another 'insider' information review about AirMalta KM-180 baggage handling:
On December 21, 1988, flight AirMalta KM-180 landed at FRANKFURT Airport and was "onblock" at 12:48PM at position No.141.

On 21 December 1988, "interline writer" and witness No. 824, ANDREAS SCHREINER (early shift), was responsible for the transfer baggage delivery control at FA 32, under the responsibility of Operations Manager W. SEIBEL.

All baggage deliveries from the "on-block" aircraft to the inter-line counters HM or V/3 were registered on an FA 32 delivery bill, in this case on No. 0000163. (Prod.1092 image 163)

According to the recorded data, after unloading the baggage from AirMalta KM-180 onto the vehicle DW/VW-No.146, (Baggage, quantity>1 car) was delivered at 13:01h at counter No. 206/ V3.

From the baggage deliverynote FA 32 (Prod. 0000163 on line 16 from above and in "Column" 8 (Direct from Pos.) it is clear that the "Driver" had not driven directly from Airmalta KM-180, position 141 to Counter No.206/V3! *(no (X) for directly on the deliverynote) !

It must be called a "questionable error" that at the court in ZEIST by the defence (Duff & Taylor) among others about this important *point no objection was raised about the cause of the indirect baggage delivery, by witness No.824, SCHREINER and the "Driver" of vehicle DW/VW-No.146, were not questioned!

Among other things, it is proved with it that no "explosive suitcase" of Al Megrahi, on 21 December 1988, on flight KM180, in Malta to Frankfurt - with the help of station manager Fhima, Lamen Khalifa - was checked in! In advance > therefore Mr Fhima was acquitted in the "Lockerbie trial" 2000, in Zeist!

stay tuned...

LINK to text in German language

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

6 November, 2022

The sale of the clothes took place on November 23rd,1988 and not on December 7th,1988!

This error was a key reason for the wrong verdict by the "Lockerbie Court"; next to the MST13 timer evidence fraud!

To declare the most important court ruling to be wrong - that the clothing sale between shopkeeper Anthony Gauci and the alleged buyer Mr Al Megrahi did not take place on December 7th, 1988, the following sequence of evidence, in addition to other evidence, confirms this to 100%:

In the "Lockerbie Trial" 2000/01, it was initially revealed by Witness No.595, under oath, Anthony Gauci, that on a Wednesday before Christmas 1988, he allegedly sold several clothes and an umbrella to an initially unknown Libyan (later allegedly identified as Abdelbasset Al Megrahi).
Among these various clothes were 2 (two) pieces of "Yorkie" brand trousers from his stock and 2 (two) pieces of "Panwear" brand pyjamas.
Significantly, according to Anthony Gauci, on that day the 2 (two) pieces of pyjamas were the last two pyjamas from his "stock" that he sold. On the other day, a Thursday, Anthony Gauci ordered from his supplier company JOHN N. MALLIA & SON LIMITED, a new batch of 8 (eight) pieces of pyjamas (brand "Panwear") for his stock.

(According to the Court transcripts – Anthony Gauci testified that he ordered clothes on the day following the sale.) That’s why the sentence «phone order - the day following the sale» is a game-changer and rules out December 7th as the date!

JOHN N. MALLIA & SON LIMITED delivered 8 pieces of additional pyjamas, brand "Panweare", which according to the delivery note/invoice were delivered to Gauci’s boutique "Mary's House" on November 25th, 1988.

The following backward calculation can be made: on Friday, November 25th, 1988, the newly ordered 8 pieces of pyjamas, brand "Panweare", were delivered; thus, the 8 pieces of pyjamas were ordered on the following day after the sale on Thursday, November 24th, 1988 (according court transcript statement by Gauci) via a telephone call to company JOHN N. MALLIA & SON LIMITED.

Therefore, the clothing sale must have taken place on Wednesday, November 23rd, 1988.
This sequence of events supports 100%, that the real date of sale by the unknown visitor was November 23rd, 1988.

Important: On the following day after December 7th, 1988 it was impossible for Anthony Gauci to order by phone because all factories in Malta were closed due to the public holiday "Feast of the Conception of Mary".

This crucial fact documents that December 7th, 1988 was not the sales date of the clothes as accepted by the court. This error was a key reason for the wrong verdict by the "Lockerbie Court"!
Important to know: Mr Al Megrahi was not in Malta on November 23rd, 1988!

He was wrongly accused to be the buyer of the clothes. Even on the deathbed the insisted on his innocence and declared that he never met shopkeeper, Anthony Gauci...

P.S. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, traveled for business (meeting by Swissair office at Malta) from Tripoli to Malta on December 7th,1988. He was using his personal Libyan passport containing his correct name; Mahmoud, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi.

It was scheduled that Al Megrahi go to Airport on December 8th, 1988. About the public holiday in Malta his flight having failed to depart and Al Megrahi go return to the hotel "Holiday Inn" until to the next flight on 9 December 1988.

«The Feast of the Conception of Mary» is very dear to the Maltese people, and that’s why December 8th is an important public holiday in Malta. All stores were closed!

Stay tuned...

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

12 October, 2022

Translation German/English via Deepl.com


In June 2020 those representing the family of the late Mr Megrahi lodged their Grounds of Appeal at the High Court of Justiciary, thereby formally beginning the third appeal against conviction in this case.

The Appeal Court is bound in law to hear the appeal on the grounds of appeals in so far as they are in line with the Commission’s reference, and there is also provision for the appellants to argue that they should be allowed to argue further grounds of appeal not covered by the Commission’s reference.

The grounds to be argued at the appeal, also referred to as the scope of the appeal, were argued at the preliminary hearing on 21 August 2020.
The Preliminary Hearing called before Lord Carloway the Lord Justice General, Lady Dorrian the Lord Justice Clerk and Lord Menzies at the Appeal Court on 21 August 2020. This was a virtual hearing of the Appeal Court. Submissions were heard from the Appellants, the Crown and on behalf of the Advocate General.

Finally, the appeal was rejected on January 15, 2021!

The Appeal Court, High Court of Justiciary had upheld on 15 January 2021, the questionable court verdict against the official Libyan sentenced to life imprisonment, Mr. Abdelbasset Al Megrahi, in the Lockerbie/PanAm103 case. Thus, for the time being, Mr Al Megrahi furthermore remains the legally convicted murderer of 270 people, unfortunately?... and the state of Libya is still responsible for its state employee Mr Al Megrahi, at that time, therefore Libya paid US$ 2.7 billion to the families of the victims >>> important, nevertheless Libya is not responsible for the alleged bombing on PanAm 103!

G.Jackson QC, CM Mitchell QC, C Connelly; John Pryde & Co (for solicitor Aamer Anwar, Glasgow) are the representatives and applicants of the son of the late Abdelbasset Al Megrahi.

This legal team applied in January 2021, in a "replica", for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom.

April 1, 2021, Answer, Reason, DUPLIK:

In a written judgment, the Lord Justice General, Lord Carloway, said the court had "some difficulty in understanding the precise nature of the challenge."
It said, "Although the case is clearly one of public importance, the proposed grounds of appeal do not raise questions of law of general public importance."
"The legal principles the court applied were all well known, settled, and largely uncontroversial on appeal."

"For these reasons, the court denies permission to appeal to the United Kingdom Supreme Court."
Duplicate from the Court of Appeal, High Court of Justiciary (2021) HCJAC 25 HCA/2020/5/XM.

In advance from the upcoming MEBO report: Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd, can prove 100% to the competent judges that on November 23, 1988. - not on December 7, 1988 - the store owner Anthony Gauci sold to an unknown clothing buyer, among others, the following clothes:
2 pieces of pants, brand "Yorkie", as well as from Gauci's stock; the last 2 pieces of pajamas, brand "Panwear." (sig.)

One day later, on November 24, 1988, Gauci ordered by telephone from JOHN N. MALLIA & SON LIMITED, 8 pieces of pajamas (brand "Panwear") for his stock inventory. An invoice/delivery bill proves that the 8 pieces of pajamas were delivered to Gauci on November 25, 1988, so it is evident that the sale took place on November 23, 1988, not on December 7, 1988!

This proves that Al Megrahi cannot be the buyer of the clothes, because he was not present in Malta on November 23, 1988!
The court decision since Zeist 2000/01, against Al Megrahi, must be recognized as a forgery !!!!
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1mPEIebdzk&t=312s

Thus, it is open to appeal to the International Criminal Court in The Hague (The Hague Tribunal), among others.

Notabene: Since November 11, 2020, a "Criminal complaint against Police Scotland; Lockerbie bombing PanAm 103 (Operation Sandwood)" is running via lawyer Dr Dieter Neupert, of Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd. Why further delays > delays > delays ?

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by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

26 Sep, 2022

This is a "PROLOG" to the upcoming detailed 'MEBO-REPORT'
for (coded justice) currently still in work.... stay tuned

Is it comming after 22 years because of the questionable Scottish court judgement against the - official of Libya, Mr Abdelbasset Al Megrahi - to the big justice scandal in Scotland?

Responsible for the wrong sentence against the innocent Mr. Al Megrahi, gotowards to the five judges in the Crown Judges Senate and to the negligent defense under QC William Taylor.

Edwin Bollier & MEBO AG, insinuates the prosecution and the defense among other things - that a 100% decisive, exculpatory question with counter-answer (replica/duplicate) to the main witness Anthony Gauci (No.585) as well as his brother, Paul Gauci, (No,598) - was obviously, deliberately left out.

From the extensive, available witness documents in the court, it was known that after the decisive, alleged visit of Al Megrahi to "Shopkeeper" Anthony Gauci, after the alleged clothing purchase on Wednesday, December 7, 1988, the other day, Thursday, December 8, was an official holiday in Malta - (Feast of the Immaculate Conception Maria). All the stores were closed!

Witness Anthony Gauci, stated under oath at the court in Zeist, that on the other day, after the sale of clothes to the unknown buyer, his boutique "Mary's House" was open. Thus it is confirmed that the date 7 December is wrong and thus from provable, other facts that the visit on 23 November 1988, took place!

LORD COULSFIELD: Mr. Taylor, a moment or two ago you said that you did put to Mr. Gauci that the shop was open the day before and the day after.
LORD COULSFIELD: You didn't actually give us a reference to that.
MR. TAYLOR: Sorry. I'm about to turn to it, My Lord. May I do it --
LORD COULSFIELD: By all means, if you are coming to it.
MR. TAYLOR: I'm obliged. Gauci's evidence was, that the shop was open the day before the purchase and was open the day after the purchase. Given what we know about Thursday, the 8th of December, in Malta -- namely, the feast of the Immaculate Conception --

On the same day - Wednesday, November 23, 1988 - Anthony Gauci sold to the unknown clothing buyer (allegedly to Abdelbasset Al-Megrahi), among others:
2 pieces of trouser's, brand "Yorkie", as well as from Gauci's stock; the last 2 pieces of pyjama's, brand "Panwear".
The day after, on November 24, Gauci ordered via telephone at company JOHN N. MALLIA & SON LIMITED, 8 pieces of pyjamas (brand "Panwear") for his stock.
This action supports the date of the unknown visitor, from November 23, 1988.
Mr Al Megrahi was not in Malta on this day!!!

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1mPEIebdzk&t=312s

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

19 Sep, 2022

With proof against Scottish Injustice !

After the negative decision by the UK Supreme Court, the State of Libya has now a new opportunity to finally overthrow the questionable protracted «Lockerbie Court case» in Scotland.

By negligent loss of the appeal in the «Lockerbie affair / PanAm 103» the judicial path is now open to appeal to the neutral «European Court of Justice».

There are two crucial pieces of evidence to prove the fraud of evidence against the Libyan official Abdelbasset al-Megrahi and LIBYA; and will bring down the court verdict.

The people of Libya and the Libyan state are suffering an estimated damage of 50 billion $ as a result of the false Scottish verdict.

MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland is now ready with its lawyers, (specialists for EU court cases) to file the case at the European Court of justice, for Libya and Al Megrahi.

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

3 Sep, 2022

What were the crucial reasons which lead to the conviction of Abdelbasset Al-Megrahi?

An upcoming MEBO Report by the Private investigators factfinding committee, Edwin & Mahnaz Bollier, will reveal surprising facts behind the scenes of the «Lockerbie trial» (PanAm103).

The answer to the above question is rather simple... The Lordships at «the Lockerbie trial» occupied a lot of time by questioning the witnesses in detail about unimportant confusing things but purposely avoided «grilling» them about the major key aspects. Unfortunately, the defence led by Mr William Taylor QC, as acting Senior Counsel tolerated this fatal ignorance by the Court in decisive moments!

The report will show that this was not always coincidental but it was discussed behind the scenes before the court hearing. Abdelbasset al-Megrahi was advised by his legal team, to remain silent during the whole trial, as he was convinced to be innocent and would leave the Court as a free man.
He trusted that his generously paid legal team would provide the best legal support. The brutal verdict against Abdelbasset al-Megrahi and Libya could have been prevented, by stopping the ignorance on some key aspects of the case. No wonder - UN observer Prof.Dr.Hans Köchler – is confirming his statement: «The Lockerbie process is inconsistent, irrational and politically motivated.»

The brutal verdict against Abdelbasset al-Megrahi and Libya could have been prevented, by stopping the ignorance on some key aspects of the case. No wonder - UN observer Prof. Dr.Hans Köchler, during the process in Zeist – is confirming his statement: «The Lockerbie process is inconsistent, irrational and politically motivated.»

Because of the negligently applied «structure» by their Lordships and without enough contradiction by the legal defence QC Taylor, Abdelbasset al-Megrahi was convicted. The Appeal (withdrawn in 2005) was taken over by Aamer Anwar & Co, Scottish Lawyers in Glasgow, from 2016 to 2022. Unfortunately, at the Appeal trial, the «implanted legal weeds» were taken over mostly from «the Lockerbie trial».

It blatantly led to the final dismissal of the Appeal by the Supreme Court and therefore the guilty verdict against Abdelbasset al-Megrahi is confirmed and remains valid for the time being.

The MEBO Report is highlighting the importance of the real date of the clothes sale in Malta. (November 23rd, 1988). During the cross-examination of witesses by the defense attorney Mr William Taylor QC, specific questions about details around the alleged date of sale December 7h,1988 have been «avoided» or forgotten. Thats why not sufficient counter-evidence could be presented to the prosecution.

It was open to the Crown and for QC Taylor - to prove a possible 3rd invoice ("hardware") from company Paul Mallia, for more pyjamas (brand «Panwear») delivered after 7th November 1988, to Anthony Gauci - they did not do so, obviously because of crucial negative reasons for the Crown ?

The witness No.595, under oath, Anthony Gauci, the owner of the boutique «Mary’s House», claimed at the Court in Kamp van Zeist (2000/01) that a Libyan (allegedly Abdelbasset al-Megrahi) bought in the evening of December 7th, 1988, in his boutique various clothes and an umbrella, among others two pieces of pyjamas, brand «Panwear». The 2 pyjamas will play a decisive role in the search for the correct date of sale.

Mr Al Megrahi was not the alleged visitor who on December 7th, 1988, visited Anthony Gauci in his boutique, «Mary’s House» in Malta and allegedly bought clothes. If both sides (prosecution and defence) had professionally searched for the truth, it would have become clear, that the unknown foreign visitor (the cloth buyer) was in Gauci’s boutique on Wednesday, November 23rd, 1988 and not on December 7th,1988.

Megrahi’s visit on December 7th1988, as claimed by witness Anthony Gauci became the decisive factor in the hazardous game between Lord MacLean and defence attorney Mr William Taylor QC.

Finally, sadly and unfortunately, the judges picked December 7th as the correct date of the sale. Mr Megrahi was in town and fitted well into their scenario.
Important: It has been proved that Mr Megrahi was not in Malta on November 23rd. The wrong date (December 7th) - accepted by the Court - played a key role in the unjust conviction of Mr Al- Megrahi.

Mr Anthony Gauci was committing perjury by telling lies under oath.
All the details and facts about the fatal confusion around the sales date of the pyjamas and «mendacious» facts which lead to the false verdict against Mr Megrahi and the State of Libya will be published in the upcoming MEBO Report to the attention of the UN (United Nations) and the evaluation of further legal steps...

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1mPEIebdzk&t=312s

Additional information: MEBO filed a «Criminal Complaint against Police Scotland; Lockerbie bombing PanAM103.(Operation Sandwood»). The complaint contains 10 accusations about various manipulations; a.o. the MST-13 fragment (evidence fraud).
The «Criminal Complaint» is currently under assessment by Police Scotland, Professional Standards Department, Glasgow.

stay tuned...

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

In German language
Was waren die entscheidenden Gründe, die zur Verurteilung von Abdelbasset Al-Megrahi führten?

Ein demnächst erscheinender MEBO-Bericht des Untersuchungsausschusses der Privatermittler Komitees, Edwin & Mahnaz Bollier, wird überraschende Fakten hinter den Kulissen des "Lockerbie-Prozesses" (PanAm103) enthüllen.

Die Antwort auf die obige Frage ist recht einfach... Die Herrschaften beim Lockerbie-Prozess" haben viel Zeit damit verbracht, die Zeugen ausführlich zu unwichtigen, verwirrenden Dingen zu befragen, haben es aber absichtlich vermieden, sie zu den wichtigen Schlüsselaspekten zu "befragen". Leider hat die Verteidigung unter der Leitung von William Taylor, QC, als amtierender Senior Counsel diese fatale Ignoranz des Gerichts in entscheidenden Momenten toleriert!

Der Bericht wird zeigen, dass dies nicht immer zufällig geschah, sondern vor der Gerichtsverhandlung hinter den Kulissen besprochen wurde. Abdelbasset al-Megrahi wurde von seinem Anwaltsteam geraten, während des gesamten Prozesses zu schweigen, da er von seiner Unschuld überzeugt war und das Gericht als freier Mann verlassen würde.
Er vertraute darauf, dass sein großzügig bezahltes Anwaltsteam die beste juristische Unterstützung leisten würde. Das brutale Urteil gegen Abdelbasset al-Megrahi und Libyen hätte verhindert werden können, wenn die Unwissenheit über einige Schlüsselaspekte des Falles beendet worden wäre. Kein Wunder, dass der UN-Beobachter Prof.Dr.Hans Köchler seine Aussage bestätigt: "Der Lockerbie-Prozess ist inkonsequent, irrational und politisch motiviert."

Aufgrund der fahrlässig angewendeten "Struktur" durch ihre Lordschaften und ohne ausreichenden Widerspruch durch den Rechtsverteidiger QC Taylor wurde Abdelbasset al-Megrahi verurteilt. Die Berufung (die 2005 zurückgezogen wurde) wurde von 2016 bis 2022 von Aamer Anwar & Co, schottischen Anwälten in Glasgow, übernommen. Leider wurde bei der Berufungsverhandlung das "eingepflanzte juristische Unkraut" größtenteils aus dem "Lockerbie-Prozess" übernommen.

Dies führte in eklatanter Weise zur endgültigen Abweisung der Berufung durch den Obersten Gerichtshof, so dass das Schuldurteil gegen Abdelbasset al-Megrahi bestätigt wird und vorerst gültig bleibt.

Der MEBO-Bericht unterstreicht die Bedeutung des tatsächlichen Datums des Kleiderverkaufs in Malta. (23. November 1988). Während des Kreuzverhörs der Zeugen durch den Verteidiger William Taylor QC wurden spezifische Fragen zu Details rund um das angebliche Datum des Verkaufs am 7. Dezember 1988 "vermieden" oder vergessen. Deshalb konnten der Staatsanwaltschaft nicht genügend Gegenbeweise vorgelegt werden.

Es stand der Krone und QC Taylor offen, eine mögliche dritte Rechnung ("Hardware") der Firma Paul Mallia für weitere Pyjamas (Marke "Panwear"), die nach dem 7. November 1988 an Anthony Gauci geliefert wurden, nachzuweisen - sie taten es nicht, offensichtlich aus entscheidenden negativen Gründen für die Krone ?

Der Zeuge Nr. 595, Anthony Gauci, der Besitzer der Boutique "Mary's House", hat vor dem Gericht in Kamp van Zeist (2000/01) unter Eid ausgesagt, dass ein Libyer (angeblich Abdelbasset al-Megrahi) am Abend des 7. Dezember 1988 in seiner Boutique verschiedene Kleidungsstücke und einen Regenschirm gekauft hat, unter anderem zwei Schlafanzüge der Marke "Panwear". Die 2 Pyjamas werden bei der Suche nach dem richtigen Verkaufsdatum eine entscheidende Rolle spielen.

Herr Al Megrahi war nicht der angebliche Besucher, der am 7. Dezember 1988 Anthony Gauci in seiner Boutique "Mary's House" auf Malta besuchte und angeblich Kleidung kaufte. Hätten beide Seiten (Anklage und Verteidigung) professionell nach der Wahrheit gesucht, wäre klar geworden, dass der unbekannte ausländische Besucher (der Kleiderkäufer) am Mittwoch, den 23. November 1988, in Gaucis Boutique war und nicht am 7. Dezember 1988.

Der Besuch Megrahis am 7. Dezember 1988, wie vom Zeugen Anthony Gauci behauptet, wurde zum entscheidenden Faktor in dem gefährlichen Spiel zwischen Lord MacLean und dem Verteidiger William Taylor QC.

Schließlich entschieden sich die Richter bedauerlicherweise für den 7. Dezember als korrektes Datum für den Verkauf. Herr Megrahi war in der Stadt und passte gut in ihr "Szenario".
Wichtig: Es ist erwiesen, dass Herr Megrahi am 23. November nicht in Malta war. Das falsche Datum (7. Dezember) - das vom Gericht akzeptiert wurde - spielte eine Schlüsselrolle bei der ungerechten Verurteilung von Herrn Al- Megrahi.

Anthony Gauci beging Meineid, indem er unter Eid Lügen erzählte.
Alle Details und Fakten über die fatale Verwirrung um das Verkaufsdatum der Pyjamas und die "verlogenen" Tatsachen, die zu dem falschen Urteil gegen Herrn Megrahi und den Staat Libyen führten, werden im kommenden MEBO-Bericht zuhanden der UNO (Vereinte Nationen) und der Bewertung weiterer rechtlicher Schritte veröffentlicht...

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1mPEIebdzk&t=312s

Zusätzliche Informationen: MEBO hat eine "Strafanzeige gegen Police Scotland; Lockerbie-Bombenanschlag PanAM103.(Operation Sandwood") eingereicht. Die Beschwerde enthält 10 Anschuldigungen über verschiedene Manipulationen; u.a. das MST-13 Fragment (Beweismittelbetrug).
Die "Strafanzeige" wird derzeit von Police Scotland, Professional Standards Department, Glasgow, geprüft.

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

22 Aug, 2022

Through the following - two (2) false "soft- and hardware" evidence intrigues - Libya and the official Mr Abdelbasset Al Megrahi, could be perfidiously accused for the crash of flight PanAm103 over Lockerbie, and - possibly deliberately? - to be made responsible for it!

The first, tampered hardware evidence, against the state of LIBYA, was a manipulated part of an MST-13 timer (PT35) which allegedly activated the "Toshiba radio bomb" - as an "Improvised Explosive Device' (IED) - and brought down flight PanAm103, over Lockerbie; (270 victims).

This charred piece of evidence (PT35) was discovered by the witness under oath, expert Dr Hayes, on May 12th, 1989, in a white slalom shirt.

Based on recent investigation this can be regarded as a lie. According to an FBI report, the crucial finding date was January 22nd, 1990.

Such similar MST-13 timers were sold by MEBO Ltd. to the Libyan Military Association, 1985-86, and have nothing to do with the attack on PanAm103.

Thats verifiable!

The second arranged evidence, a "software fabrication", with a false date of Al Megrahi's visit, to Malta, on December 7th, 1988, was most likely deliberately fixed - to the disadvantage, against the Libyan official Abdelbasset Al Megrahi.

Software evidence:

1.) Testimony of witness Anthony Gauci under oath, about the two pyjamas he had sold to the Libyan clothes buyer - (allegedly to Abdelbaset Al Megrahi).

Q - Are these pyjamas that you were able to sell (also) to the police?
A - Yes. Yes. Both of them.
Q - And were these the type of pyjamas that the Libyan gentleman bought?
A - Yes. Yes, similar.
Q - Had you received these pyjamas from a company called John Mallia, in Malta?
A - Exactly.

------------shortened, important >>> ----------------

Q - And if we can have Production 477-1. Dowe see that that's a similar invoice to your shop from John Mallia dated the 25th of November '88 for eight pairs of pyjamas?
A - *Yes. I used to buy stock, and when it finished, I used to buy -- I used to phone often. It's an item that is quite sold in winter.

The detailed proof data will be listed soon in the upcoming new MEBO report;
stay tuned...

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1mPEIebdzk&t=312s


In German >>>
Mittels den folgenden - zwei (2) falschen "Soft- und Hardware" "Beweis-Machenschaften - konnte LIBYEN und der offizielle Mr Abdelbasset Al Megrahi, für das Attentat auf Flug PanAm103 über Lockerbie angeklagt, und auf perfide weise - eventuell vorsätzlich ? - dafür verantwortlich gemacht werden!

Der erste, manipulierte "Hardware Beweis", gegen den Staat LIBYEN, war ein manipuliertes Teilstück eines MST13 Timer (PT35) welcher angeblich die "Toshiba Radiobombe" - als "Improvised Explosive Device' (IED)" aktivierte - und Flug PanAm103, über Lockerbie zum Absturz brachte; (270 Opfer).

Dieses verkohlte Beweistück (PT35) wurde von Zeuge unter Eid, Experte Dr. Hayes, am 12. Mai 1989, in einem weissen Slalom Shirt entdeckt, was heute beweisbar als Lüge anerkannt werden muss. Nach FBI-Report war das richtige und entscheidende Fund-Datum, am 22. Januar 1990...

Solche "similar" MST13 Timer wurden von Firma MEBO Ltd, an die LIBYA Military Association, 1985-86 verkauft und haben nachweisbar nichts zu tun mit dem Anschlag auf PanAM103!

Der zweite arrangierte Beweis, eine "Software-Machenschaft", mit einem falschen Datum des Besuchs von Al Megrahi, in Malta, am 7.Dezember 1988, wurde eventuell vorsätzlich? - zum Nachteil, gegen den libyschen offiziellen Abdelbasset Al Megrahi, - inszeniert!

The detailed proof data will be listed soon in the upcoming new MEBO report;
stay tuned...

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

10 Aug, 2022

The catastrophic legal false start in the "Lockerbie Appeal"!

Is the defense of the Libyan convict, Mr. Abdelbasset Al Megrahi, partly responsible for the dismissal of the appeal in the "Case > Lockerbie/Bombing/ PanAm103"?

Was missed to present a 100% decisive proof of Al Megrahi's innocence, to the SCCR'Commission!

By Soft & Hardware, it is known since 2009, that the clothes bought at Shopkeeper Anthony Gauci in (Boutique Mary's House) in Malta, on Wednesday 23rd November 1988, were not bought by the convicted Al Megrahi, because Al Megrahi was not present in Malta on that date !

Video LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1mPEIebdzk&t=312s

"Decryption" to follow, stay tuned....

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

6th Aug, 2022

Please visit the VIDEO link for Camp Zeist > 'The Lockerbie Trial':

Please visit the VIDEO link for Camp Zeist > 'The Lockerbie Trial'
LINK: https://www.arte.tv/en/videos/101463-010-A/crazy-borders

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

16 July, 2022

The Scottish Crown Office have issued the following statement

Re: Decision of the UK Supreme Court in Al Megrahi (Appellant) v Her Majesty's Advocate and another (Respondents) (Scotland) UKSC 2021/0091.

On 14 Jul 2022 the UK Supreme Court refused the appellants’ Ali Abdelbaset Al Megrahi's direct application for leave to appeal.

This means that Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi’s original conviction for murder stands and the appeal process is at an end.

Now that all domestic remedies have been exhausted, the only judicial avenue now open for the Megrahi conviction to be challenged is an application to the European Court of Human Rights.
LINK: https://www.coe.int/en/web/impact-convention-human-rights/right-to-a-fair-trial
This appeal rejection by Supreme Court decision has with the current - CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AGAINST POLICE SCOTLAND; Lockerbie Bombing PanAm103 (" OPERATION SANDWOOD") by Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd; and with the Susan McNarey's case (about », next court date on 15 August 2022) - nothing to do!

Stop, stop, stop ! ... Dear Mr Aamer Anwar, representative lawyer of the family Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and LIBYA.

Please finally give up with weak "dodges" to enable further "filibusters" in the Scottish Appeal case "Lockerbie-PanAm103"!

Unfortunately, you have missed, in the granted Appeal the opportunity to present a decisive "Lie Document'", with the date 21st November 2018, issued by Police Scotland, ("Operation Sandwood") signed by Iain Livingstone QPM, Chief Constable - to expose the central evidence of fraud against LIBYA and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, in the court verdict. This "lying document" was addressed to Mrs Margeret Mitchel MSP, Convenor Justice Committee Clerks, to The Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh and positively supported by the senior Queen's Counsel. The letter must be regarded as a general whitewash document for all allegations against Police Scotland and experts.

That investigation of Police Scotland (Operation Sandwood) was deliberately and willfully, not properly conducted and resulted in preferential treatment of criminal handlings by officials and experts and thwarted the implementation of charges. The conclusion of "Operation Sandwood" was more than disappointing.

That's why Dr Dieter Neupert, Swiss lawyer filed a "Criminal Complaint against Police Scotland, (Operation Sandwood) on behalf of Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd Telecommunication, Zurich/Switzerland, dated 4th May 2021. The 10 major allegations contain provable facts of criminal acts by officials. As confirmed by Police Scotland the "Criminal Complaint" is still under assessment. The complaint has the potential of changing the entire "Lockerbie affair" and uncovering various manipulations, especially around the MST-13 fragment.

On 14th July 2022, the UK Supreme Court refused the appellants Ali Abdelbaset Al Megrahi's direct request for leave to appeal against the Scottish Court decision.

This means that Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi's original conviction for murder is confirmed and the appeal process is at the end. The only judicial avenue now open to challenge the Megrahi conviction is an application to the European Court of Human Rights.

Recommendation to Mr Aamer Anwar: You should use this great opportunity immediately to finally get the truth in the criminal "Lockerbie Affair" as well as in the wrong Scottish verdict against Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Libya via a clean, neutral court decision.

LINK: https://www.coe.int/en/web/impact-convention-human-rights/right-to-a-fair-trial

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

7th July, 2022

After a four-year investigation,
Police Scotland presented the result of «Operation Sandwood»

The conclusion is very disappointing and wrong. The investigation was deliberately and willfully, not properly conducted. The Police officers in charge must be penalized for their thwarting justice. A «Criminal Complaint» by MEBO / Edwin Bollier against Police Scotland is - for more than a year - under assessment. The lawyer is still waiting for an update… This «playing for time» is certainly not acceptable any more!

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

17 Juni, 2022


Open letter (Announcement) to Mr William Barr (former US Attorney General). The fake evidence is pointing to crimes more egregious than just a cover-up. The further search for the real culprits must be directed in another direction.

Dear Mr William Barr

My name is Edwin Bollier, owner of MEBO Ltd Telecommunication in Zurich, Switzerland.
I and the company MEBO Ltd have apparently, deliberately been involved in the "Lockerbie Case PanAm103", which resulted in great financial and reputational damage to me and the company MEBO.

Allegedly, during the investigation by the FBI and Police Scotland, an MST-13 timer fragment (PT35) was found in the wreckage of the PanAm aircraft, which allegedly activated the IED bomb and brought the aircraft down. Twenty (20) similar MST-13s were delivered to Military Procurement in Libya by MEBO two years before the attack on flight PanAm103. We have evidence that the timer-fragment - as used as a piece of key evidence - was an unfunctional early handmade brown prototype.
This type has never been delivered to Libya. Libya only received green machine-made Timers, manufactured by Thüring and not even one piece of the handmade brown prototype. Therefore all the allegations against MEBO are completely unsound. Only after the "Lockerbie Trial" against Libya and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi in 2000/01, one of the biggest frauds of evidence could be disclosed and backed up by new crucial evidence. US and Scottish authorities played an important role in the manipulation of evidence.

Currently, since 11th November 2020, a «Criminal complaint against Police Scotland – Operation Sandwood» concerning fraud of evidence in the Lockerbie case has been filed. It has been confirmed that the complaint is under assessment. The complaint contains 10 allegations of fraud and manipulations by officials and forensic experts.

As the acting Attorney General, you took an early interest in the Lockerbie investigation and also activated the indictment against Libya and Abdelbasset al Megrahi. You must be familiar with most of the aspects of the Lockerbie affair including the surprising switch from PFLP-GC to Libya…

"US unveils new charges against alleged 1988 Lockerbie bombing", by Ed Pilkington, Guardian, 21st December 2020: https://www.theguardian.com/.../lockerbie-bombing-new...

In December 2020, you, as the acting Attorney General, announced new charges in the Lockerbie case against Libyan Mohammed Abouagela Masud for building an (IED) bomb that destroyed Pan Am Flight 'PA103' and killed 270 people. It was announced that the late Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi had ordered the bombing and accused Libyan citizen Mohammed Abouagela Masud of having transferred the bomb to PanAm 103 via Malta on the feeder flight via Frankfurt. They attributed the breakthrough to the intelligence services of the current Libyan government, which replaced the ousted regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi.

A new additional indictment was organised with a staged big news event for the world's population on television, by you on the 32nd anniversary of the Lockerbie tragedy, in December 2020, against 'Mohammed Abouagela Masud'. A questionable affidavit for a declaration of guilt by Masoud played a crucial role in this!

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZGTT3A8s-I
HEADLINES: «Charges regarding bombing of PanAm flight 103 / PanAm 103 bombmaker facing criminal charges / Terror attack 32 years ago killed 270 including 190 Americans /Barr: Prospects of bombmaker extradicted to U.S. GOOD.»

Why has 'Mohammed Abouagela Masud' not been brought to trial in Scotland or the USA to date ???

MEBO is currently working on another «Criminal Complaint» in the USA against former FBI expert Tom Thurman, also for fraud of evidence (manipulations) with an MST-13 timer (PT35, PT35/b).

Why came the obviously false statements against Libya - and to the detriment of MEBO - only in the final phase of your time as acting Attorney General and not much earlier? Was it under pressure by the enemies of Libya?

MEBO will prepare a comprehensive summary of the "Lockerbie affair PanAm103" for the UN and the international media, which will be sent to you by us for review before publication.

It is time for the truth – even if the truth is painful. It will change the whole history of the bombing of PanAm103.

Dear Mr Barr – we know that you have the keys to telling the world what really happened…

Yours sincerely
Edwin Bollier & MEBO LTD.

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

27 April, 2022

The truth died before the investigation -
of the PanAm103 crash, over Lockerbie - on 21 December 1988!

The "Lockerbie Affair" with the MST13 timer fragment (PT35 / PT35/B) is still not closed. The crucial evidence fraud within Police Scotland with an MST-13 timer fragment (PT35/ PT35/B) could however be 100% closed already a long time ago, but the case was deliberately procrastinated under "Operation Sandwood"!

All the individuals, who played a criminal role in "Soft & Hardware" as described in the «Criminal complaint against Police Scotland; Lockerbie Bombing PanAm103, "Operation Sandwood", should be under arrest!

In brief, the crucial criminal facts are hereby revealed:
In the Lockerbie court case (2000/01) in Kamp van Zeist, witnesses, expert Dr Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday (RARDE) stated under oath that the MST-13 timer fragment (PT35) activated the bomb 'IED' and brought down PanAm103.
In a further testimony, witness Dr Thomas Hayes swore that he had found the MST13 timer fragment (PT35) in a "SLALOM" shirt on 12th May 1989. (Doc. PI/995 incl. photo)

The judges at the Zeist court, were not told the truth, that the MST-13 timer fragment (PT35) was at the first time discovered later by Dr Hayes and Feraday at (RARDE) on 12th January 1990, in a SLALOM shirt!
(Photo evidence with SLALOM shirt, with fake find date, 12 May 1989).

Before the MST-13 timer fragment (PT35) was discovered in the UK/Scotland, on 12th January 1990, FBI expert Tom Thurman, from Washington USA, together with a Swiss official of the 'BUPO', - brought the MST-13 timer fragment (PT35) - according to the certified statement of former MEBO Engineer Ulrich Lumpert - to his laboratory at MEBO Ltd. in Zurich, at the end of 1989, where Engineer Lumpert scratched on the charred fragment, clearly visible, a letter "M" and 3 scratches. The same darkly charred MST-13 timer fragment (PT35), must therefore have been hidden in the SLALOM shirt by someone - before it was discovered!

see video, the MST13 Timer LINK: https://www.facebook.com/edwin.bollier/videos/4019519001460795/

Later, on 27th April 1990, the charred MST-13 timer fragment (PT35) was brought by Police Scotland, to Siemens, in Munich, Germany, ostensibly for an examination. At Siemens, the fragment (PT35) was polished - neatly - and then sawn into two pieces. The larger piece was given the designation (PT35/a, the smaller piece (DP31/a). A test for explosive traces was not carried out!

On 6th June 1990, a green (not charred) duplicate of an MST-13 timer fragment (PT35/b) was brought to FBI expert Tom Thurman by Police Scotland officers, led by SIO Det. Stuart Henderson. At the FBI laboratory in Washington USA, a forensic comparison was made with an MST-13 timer - with green circuit board (K'1) - delivered to Libya.
The comparison with (K'1) was 100% congruent.
The comparative MST-13 timer supplied by Libya was allegedly found by the FBI in Togo and identified as timer (K'1). If they would have compared the original darkly charred MST-13 fragment – and not a duplicate, the result would have been negative. The original darkly charred MST-13 fragment was an early prototype and not manufactured with green circuitboard materials as delivered by the Thüring factory.
The FBI experts also overlooked the fact the original was at this time already cut into two pieces by Siemens. The forensic FBI report does not mention specifically a fragment in two pieces…

See FBI report investigation Report 20/08/1990, No. 262-23 LINK: https://pt35b.files.wordpress.com/.../36-fbi-report-dated...

Only through this crucial fraudulent evidence an indictment against LIBYA and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was possible and finally lead to a wrongful conviction by the Scottish Court.

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

27 April, 2022

As a reminder the after 4 years of investigation into Police Scotland
"Operation SANDWOOD"

was shaken up from MSP, on 6th April, 2018, and urgederd for a conclusion of 'Sandwood'.

Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale MSP Christine Grahame on this time called for Holyrood's justice committee to press for progress on Police Scotland's Operation Sandwood Enquiry, which is investigating possible police criminality in the enquiry into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie in 1988.

By The Newsroom. LINK: https://www.thesouthernreporter.co.uk/news/msp-pushes-sandwood-conclusion-707093

After a further 7 months, on 21 November 2018, a letter from Ian Livingstone, QPM Chief Constable (Police Scotland) answered the questions to 'MSP'.

The letter was addressed to Mrs Margaret Mitchell MSP, Convenor, Justice Committee Claks, Scottish Parliament Edinburgh.
MEBO Ltd & Edwin Bollier have been financially, millionaire damaged, for evidence fraud about criminal acts by Police Scotland staff, in the "Lockerbie" case, involving an manipulated MST13 timer evidence fragment fraud!

I & MEBO Ltd allege against Livingstone, QPM Chief Constable (Police Scotland) that the letter to the 'MSP' is built on deliberate Lies and criminally concealed acts and even whitewashed by senior Queen's ouncel.

The perfidious final sentence of the letter written from Ian Livingstone QPM:
I have written to the Lord Advocate to inform him Operation Sandwood is complete and that there is no evidence of criminality and therfore no basis to submit a standard prosecution report.

stay tuned...

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

17 April, 2022

The truths must be presented and recalled anew - finally 271 victim families are waiting for the real TRUTH...

Behind the MST13 timer evidence fraud and every lie in the "Lockerbie case / PanAm103", hides the truth ! The "Lockerbie Prosecution" on 14/15 November 1991, against LIBYA was politically motivated.

News parts, announcement on 'Intel Today', 11 April 2022
“Years later, Tom Thurman admitted that he had been instructed by the FBI to lie about the Lockerbie timer to a Grand Jury in order to cover up for the role of the CIA.”

The successful investigation of the ‘Kashmir Princess’ crime and the identification of its culprits was possible because of the recovery of some part of the detonator device. That story was not lost on the CIA and other American spooks.

1st LINK: inteltoday.org/the-bombing-of-the-kashmir-princess-april-11-1955-3

2nd LINK: inteltoday.org/the-washington-post-rewrites-history

In the late 80s, the US Intelligence Community ‘mirculously’ identified twice Libya as the culprit of airliner bombings thanks to the investigation of a tiny part of the detonators: a Swiss timer — known as the MST-13 — in the case of Pan Am 103 (December 21, 1988) and a Taiwanese timer in the UTA 772 bombing (September 19, 1989).

In both cases, these timers were ‘unambiguously’ linked to Libya’s Gaddafi. In both cases, the identification was made by the same FBI investigator — Tom Thurman — who was later discredited for altering official reports.
And by the way, this FBI agent had not scientific qualifications whatsoever. “It is striking to note the similarity of the ‘scientific’ evidence discovered by the FBI’s Tom Thurman in both the Lockerbie and UTA cases.

Of the tens of thousands of pieces of debris collected at each disaster site, one lone piece of printed circuit was found and, miracle of miracles, in each case the fragment bore markings that allowed for positive identification: MEBO in the Lockerbie case and TY in the case of UTA Flight 772.

Despite the common findings of the DCPJ, the DST and the Prefecture of Police crime laboratory, Juge Bruguière chose to believe Thurman, the expert in fabricating evidence.” [French journalist Pierre Péan — “African Manipulations”]
Years later, Thurman admitted that he had been instructed by the FBI to lie about the Lockerbie timer to a Grand Jury in order to cover up for the role of the CIA.

Part announcement end of 'Intel Today'

3rd LINK:

FBI examiner Tom Thurman

4th LINK:

Statement from ex chief of Tom Thurman

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

5 February 2022

Is this PanAm103 Video Operations clue the key to the final truth in the "Lockerbie saga /PA103" ?

The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BFV) as well as the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) should know ?

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rPWV6HryIw

Stay tuned...

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

25 January, 2022

The Lockerbie miscarriage of justice ...
DeepL translator German/EnglishAgain

In the "wrong" Scottish verdict (in the Lockerbie case, PanAm103) against the official Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi & Libya, the "questionable defense" must finally also be taken into focus and responsibility!

Legitimate question: was the defense concept under Duff & Taylor for the Libyan official Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, deliberately constructed so insubstantial???

Read excerpt from Prof Robert Black's "Suitcase": title "Lockerbie evidence "misunderstood": https://lockerbiecase.blogspot.com/2017/01/lockerbie-evidence-misunderstood

Here, among others, follow from Edwin Bollier /MEBO Ltd, decisive and published evidence, which was not used by Duff & Taylor, !

Contrary to Duff & Taylor's, useless evidence around the false date of the clothes sale, allegedly on December 7, 1988, to Abdelbaset Al Megrah, in Boutique "Mary House" in Malta":
Key-Witness 595, Tony Gauci told Edwin Bollier on January 25, 2008, in Malta that the 2 pajamas, with label "John Mallia", were the last "two" pajamas he had sold in his store to a Libyan. The other day, November 24, 1988, Gauci ordered by phone from the company "John Mallia" an additional 8 pieces of the same pajamas (Witness of Gauci say this also under Oath in court 2000, in Kamp van Zeist).

The 8 pajamas were delivered to Gauci's Mary's House in Sliema Malta on 11/25/1988 with invoice/delivery bill dated 11/25/1988. (Court Prod. no. 477-1).

The day after Wednesday, 7 December, the 8 December 1988, was an official holiday (Immaculate Conception Day) and the "John Mallia" company was closed. But the day after November 23, November 24, 1988, was not an official holiday, the company "John Mallia" was opened.

So it is clear the clothbuyer was on 23 November 1988, in Gauci's boutique 'Maryhouse'; Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, was 100% not in Malta on 23 November 1088!
Justice for Al-Megrahi, he had nothing to do with the "Pan Am 103" tragedy in Lockerbie !...

Representing Megrahi were solicitor Alistair Duff and barristers William Taylor QC, David Burns QC and John Beckett. Fhimah was represented by solicitors Eddie McKechnie and Paul Phillips, barristers Richard Keen QC, Jack Davidson QC and Murdo Macleod. Both defendants also had access to Libyan defense counsel Kamel Maghur.

Pre-trial hearings
Five pre-trial hearings were held: The defendants were inculcated to waive their right for testimonies (Replica & Publik) at two trial hearings in the High Court in Edinburgh; they attended two hearings in the Zeist camp, which were held privately; and on December 7, 1999, they appeared publicly for the first time in the Scottish court in the Netherlands. At that public hearing, the presiding judge, Lord Sutherland, ruled that:

the two Libyans should be charged with both conspiracy and murder;
they could be labeled as members of their country's intelligence services; and, the start of the full trial was delayed by three months (from February 2, 2000).

The case against the two defendants was based on three main points:
That the MST13 timer used, which allegedly activated the bomb ("IED" imbrovised explosive devices), came from a batch sold to Libya by a Swiss company, Mebo AG;

a former colleague in the Libyan Airlines office in Malta, Abdulmajid Gialka, who was to testify that he saw the bomb being built, or at least loaded onto the aircraft in Frankfurt;

that the clothing identified in the bomb case had been purchased by defendant Megrahi in a store in Malta on December 7, 1988.

According to Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd, each of these points was co-disputed by the defense.

Edwin Bollier, the co-founder of the Swiss manufacturer of the timer, testified that he had sold similar timers to East Germany and admitted to having connections with a number of intelligence agencies, including both the Libyans and the CIA. (E.B. testimony supplied to CIA not true!)

Gialka was living in the U.S. under the Witness Protection Program at the time of the trial, had ties to the CIA prior to 1988, and was expected to collect up to $4 million in reward money upon conviction.

Tony Gauci, the Maltese store owner, could not positively identify Megrahi in nineteen separate pretrial statements to police. In court, Gauci was asked five times if he recognized anyone in the courtroom without answering.

Only when the prosecutor pointed out Megrahi did Gauci say "he resembled him." On a previous occasion, Gauci had identified Abu Talb (who the defense claimed was the real bomber) and said Talb was "very similar" to the client. Gauci's police statements identified the customer as over 6 feet tall and over 50 years old; Megrahi is 5 feet 8 inches tall and was 36 in late 1988.

The clothing purchase occurred on either November 23 or December 7, 1988; Megrahi was not in Malta until December 7. Gauci recalled that the customer had also purchased an umbrella because of the rain. The defense argued, based on meteorological records, that it had rained all day on November 23, but only briefly or not at all on December 7.

In its closing arguments, the prosecution emphasized that Megrahi could not have planted the bomb without Fhimah's help - both defendants were equally guilty and must stand or fall together.
Importantly, Fhimah, Lamin Khalifa, was acquitted...

Some general statistics:
there were 84 court days (between May 3, 2000 and January 31, 2001)
230 witnesses testified the Crown listed 1160 witnesses and named 227
the defense listed 121 and named 3Witnesses came from the United Kingdom, the United States, Libya, Japan, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, India, France and Singapore.
the languages translated in court were Arabic, French, Czech, Japanese, Swedish, Maltese and German

there were 1867 documentary reproductions and 621 label productions (or exhibits - the largest of which was an airplane reconstruction)
the aircraft reconstruction was the only one that was not brought to court (it remained in the premises of the Air Accident Investigations Branch at Farnborough in England)

there were 10,232 pages of court transcripts containing more than three million words the cost of the trial itself was estimated at £60 million the running costs of the appeal were estimated at around £2 million per month, which the Scottish Executive estimated gave a total bill of £75 million 20% of the running costs were borne by the Scottish Ministry of Justice 80% of the running costs, together with capital expenditure, were met by the UK government the U.S. government made a significant contribution to the additional costs of running the trial in the Netherlands

The construction of the special court and prison complex at Camp Zeist cost £12 million Original estimates for the entire trial were £150 million (or twice the actual expenditure).

In August 2003, Libya paid compensation of £4.5 million ($8 million) to each family of the 270 victims: a total of £1.23 billion ($2.16 billion) in Contingent costs of 1.4 million pounds ($2.5 million) were deducted from each family's compensation payment and retained by the U.S. law firms involved: a total of 385 million pounds ($675 million) in legal fees

Stay tuned !

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

25 January, 2022

Who is "POTENT" enough to be protected in the fraud affair "Lockerbie/PanAm103" - before and sustainably ?
Who is "POTENT" enough to be protected in the fraud affair "Lockerbie/PanAm103"- before and sustainably ???

For your information > read the latest UPDATE from 'Intel today' >
Excerpt: UPDATE (January 17 2022) — The Lockerbie Solution — Just take a look at this timeline. And think!

May 17 1985 — The Fuller memorandum — CIA officer Graham Fuller suggests that it would be wise to use Libya as a geopolitical punching bag (Nothing to fear and nothing to lose) while playing nice with the Iranian Ayatollah. “The study was instrumental in persuading some top-ranking Reagan Administration policy makers to begin considering covert contacts with Iranian leaders. It eventually led to the covert sale of United States weapons to Tehran in what became the Iran-contra affair.” [New York Time, 15 February 1988]

January 7 1986 — President Ronald Reagan announced economic sanctions against Libya. Despite major diplomatic efforts, all European countries refuse to join the US as they see no evidence of Libya’s involvement.

January 17 1986 — Reagan Approves Covert Arms Sales to Iran . Under the Presidential Finding — which CIA director William Casey and CIA General Counsel Stanley Sporkin helped Colonel Oliver North put together — the U.S. Army sold the TOW missiles to the CIA, who in turn passed them on to general Secord, who then delivered them to Iranian agents.The Reagan administration then used the proceeds of the arms sale to fund terrorists in Central America.

April 14 1986 — Ronald Reagan ordered a series of bombings directed against Libya under “Operation El Dorado Canyon. No evidence. All European countries opposed the operation, except Lady Thatcher..

July 23 1986 — The campaign of disinformation about Libyan terrorism reaches new high… [New York Times — August 11 1986] The MST-13 Timer appears…

October 2 1986 — Bob Woodward (Washington Post) published an extraordinary story: “Gadhafi Target of Secret U.S. Deception Plan”.

November 3 1986 — The Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa exposed the Iran–Contra scandal. Senior administration officials secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, which was the subject of an arms embargo.

December 21 1988 — N739PA — the Boeing 747 aircraft operating the transatlantic leg of Pan Am Flight 103 — broke up in flight over Scotland. All 243 passengers and 16 crew died as well as 11 residents of Lockerbie.

March 1989 — The BBC (Farsi) began to publish Ayatollah Ali Montazeri’s letters condemning the post-war wave of executions. This event prompts the end of his political career.

March 1989 — The Lockerbie investigation came to a halt following a phone call between George H. W. Bush and Margaret Thatcher.

June 3rd 1989 — Ruhollah Khomeini dies. Ali Khamenei becomes the new Supreme Leader of Iran.

August 3rd 1989. — Hashemi Rafsanjani is elected Iran’s president. Rafsanjani was the central Iranian figure in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Late August 1989 — German police discovered the existence of a print-out at Frankfurt airport that indicated that the ‘primary suitcase’ had begun its journey in Malta.

By September 1989, blaming Iran for Lockerbie would simply not serve the geopolitical interests of the US and UK anymore. But as Marcel Pagnol wrote: “A wise man does not look for the culprits of a crime. A wise man chooses the right culprits.”

September 1989 — The Lockerbie investigation goes straight to Malta and, from now on, Libya is the new and only focus.

September 1989 — At the US–Iran Claims Tribunal at The Hague, the US agreed to pay Iran $567,000,000. President Bush announced the payment on November 7 1989, remarking that he hoped, “Iran would use what influence it has” to release the US hostages held in Lebanon.

September 1989 – A very mysterious fragment of a circuit timer — known as PT/35(b) — appeared in highly suspicious circumstances. This fragment will become the key piece of evidence linking Pan Am 103 to Libya.

September 1 1989 — The Lockerbie investigators suddenly noticed that an item of blast damaged clothing – a pair of dark brown checked trousers manufactured by the ‘Yorkie Clothing’ company in Malta — had a number (1705) stamped on a pocket lining. This number was enough to identify the store who had made the order, and therefore a individual who might identify the buyer.

October 1989 — Although the investigators officially linked Megrahi to the Lockerbie disaster in the Autumn of 1990, a CIA Cable dated October 17 1989 already connects Megrahi to Lockerbie!

I have long believe that the ‘Lockerbie evidence’ [clothes from Malta, PT/35(b), and the infamous Toshiba radio] was planted to incriminate Libya.

A few days ago, I received a few documents which were not disclosed to the defense. I believe these documents prove that the evidence has been fabricated.

Stay tuned! END of UPDATE
LINK: https://inteltoday.org/.../on-this-day-reagan-approves.../

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

18 January, 2022

Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd sent a personal letter to Her Majesty the Queen, referring to a recent report in the «Daily Express» that Her Majesty has expressed her regret over two major tragedies.

LINK: https://www.express.co.uk/.../queen-elizabeth-ii-news...

In the case of the PanAm 103 air disaster, it seems that she regretted the decision not to have visited the Lockerbie area immediately after the crash.
The letter informs Her Majesty the Queen that after 33 years the truth still has not come to light and the obstruction of justice is still going on.
Therefore MEBO filed in December 2020, through their lawyer, a «Criminal complaint against Police Scotland.» 10 accusations conclude that the investigation was not correctly done, as crucial evidence was suppressed by officials and experts.

New evidence about the background of a faked timer fragment MST-13 can not any longer be ignored. The Judges and the Lord Advocate were misled and unfortunately, it resulted in a wrong verdict against Libya and Abdelbasset al-Megrahi.
MEBO suffers from severe financial and reputational damages. Sadly, Police Scotland and the Crown Office not only appear to be delaying any action to date rather than looking into MEBO’s concerns and the concern of others.
The letter expressed the hope that the truth will prevail and justice to be restored in the end.

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

3 January, 2022

Enough is enough! Police Scotland need to stop the «delay tactics» and must provide answers to the 10 accusations in the «Criminal complaint against Police Scotland» by MEBO Ltd.

On the occasion of the 33rd memorial year of the Lockerbie tragedy, many reports have been published online and in the press. The well-intended call for a newn investigation by «The Nation» is obsolete because Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd. cleared and debunked then deliberately constructed evidential fraud through a «Criminal Complaint against Police Scotland.

The «Criminal Complaint» was filed at Police Scotland and Crown Office on 11th November 2020 by MEBO’S attorney Dr Dieter Neupert. It would take months or even years to convince the authorities to start a new investigation. The facts and evidence are already on the table and Police Scotland need to act immediately without further delays...

They must now make a move by answering the 10 most important accusations in the «Criminal Complaint against Police Scotland – Operation Sandwood». It is now more than a year since MEBO filed this «Criminal Complaint against Police Scotland». The only reaction so far was a letter on 23rd April 2021 to our lawyer, saying that the complex complaint is under assessment.

Several requests for a personal meeting in Scotland remained unanswered. It took them 4 years to prepare the questionable «Operation Sandwood Report».

We concluded that the investigation was not properly conducted. After the written complaint we intended to explain the accusations in detail to avoid further misunderstandings. It is difficult to understand why Police Scotland seems to purposely delay the assessment and not provide answers to the accusations.

Is it inefficiency that they need so much time? Independent experts, familiar with the case, would be able to confirm the described lies and manipulations in a very short time.

It is now time to speed up the process and stop the neverending «delay tactics». Are they afraid to bring the truth to light?

The politically staged «Lockerbie Affair PanAm 103» against Abdelbaset-al Megrahi and LIBYA could soon backfire to Police Scotland and the Scottish Justice. This case will not go away!

Please visit also LINK: https://lockerbiecase.blogspot.com/

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland