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The PanAm 103 Air-Tragedy
Disclosure of "Lockerbie Affair"

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4 February, 2024

Bombing of PanAm103, over Lockerbie

fraud one (1)

Toshiba radio piece (L'106/101) photo 250

pieces of MST13 timer fragments (PT35)

Translated from German into English by DeepL.
As soon as a suitable lawyer is found in the USA, the company MEBO Ltd & Edwin Bollier will additionally file a major claim for damages in a USA court against the FBI expert Tom Thurman for evidence fraud with one (1) piece, possibly two (2) pieces of MST13 timer fragments (PT35) and (PT35/b).
Tom Thurman has been excluded from scientific investigation and expert witness testimony due to a review of numerous other criminal cases by U.S. Inspector General Michael Bromwich.
Tom Thurman's work on the "Lockerbie bombing" was the "big deal" in his career, which started with an investigation of Pan Am Flight 103.
After the crash on December 21, 1988, for Thurman, along with 'Police Scotland', ID William Williamson, and with 'RARDE' experts Dr.Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday, the big criminal "POLIT-SCHOW" against LIBYEN began!
In the Scottish court case (2000/01), about the attack on December 21, 1988, on flight 'PanAm 103', over Lockerbie, crucial "facts" were kept secret, so that LIBYEN and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, could be held responsible with the "bombing".
On Thursday, November 15, 1990, at a "news conference at the Justice Department in Washington", two fingernail-sized fragments (L'106/101) and (..02; photo 250) of Toshiba RadioRecorder RT-SF16, were shown, which "smaller than a human fingernail found during inch-by-inch search of 845 square miles in Scotland are the KEY to criminal charges brought in the bombing of PanAm 103". (Laser photos, AP LEAFDESK)

This "news conference" led by "former" US Attorney General William Barr, shows that before November 15, 1990, nothing was known about the discovery of an MST13 timer fragment (PT35)!
The bluff of FBI expert Tom Thurman also proves that Thurman had not found an MST13 timer fragment (PT35) on June 15, 1990, but the fragment (L'106/ 101; photo 247) from the Toshiba radio, which was shown to the world on a finger; for this Thurman was celebrated as "Man of the Week"!

Only about 6 years after the "Lockerbie Trial", it became publicly known through "betrayal", by FBI Special Agent Richard Marquise, led the U.S. Task Force CIA, in his book "SCOTBOM", that a FAX letter from RARDE expert Allen Feraday, to ID Stuart Henderson, via Det. H. Ferrie, on January 22, 1990, in which an MST13 timer fragment (PT35) was discovered by Dr. Thomas Hayes in a white "SLALOM shirt".

At about the same time, a classified FBI Report No. 262-23 was disclosed by the U.S. Department of Justice.
Already at the beginning of 1990, Det. H. Ferrie informed the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Mr. Tepp (KOK), that the fragment (PT35) was found in a "SLALOM shirt" on January 1990.
Why were these "secret facts" not made accessible to the Libyan defense (or even the judges) before the "Lockerbie Trial" in 2000/01? because, among other things, a "confusion" and the chronological sequence with the brown carbonized MST13 timer fragment (PT35) photo No.334, and with a green, non-carbonized fragment (PT35/b) photo No.333, had to be "falsified" and credibly reversed.

With a mendacious memorandum written by expert Allen Feraday, ID William Williamson was informed on September 15, 1989, (that a solution had been found) accompanied by the enclosure of some Polaroid photos showing a "green circuit board".
Subsequently, a fake "EXAMINATION" page No. 51 was created, which was "smuggled" into the RARDE Report 181 by Dr. Hayes and Feraday. Thus the judges in the trial were nastily deceived!
The original pages no. 51-55, therefore had to be overwritten with no. 52-56. The date of discovery of the MST13 timer fragment (PT35) not on the overwritten page 51 was "lied" with May 12, 1989.

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by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

27 January, 2024

The decisive evidence fraud with two (2) pieces of MST13 timer fragments (PT35 and PT35/b) - so that LIBYEN and Abdelbaset Al'Megrahi, according to the Scottish court's verdict of July 14, 2022 - responsible for the attack on PanAm103 - could be legally convicted as guilty!

At the end of 2023, Edwin Bollier, owner of MEBO Ltd,
received a telephone call from the Swiss Federal Criminal Police.

I Bollier, was asked if I would come to the USA, as a witness, in the Mutual Legal Assistance proceedings, concerning the prosecution of Abu Agila Mohammad Mas'ud Kheir Al-Marimi, in the "bombing" of December 21, 1988, on PanAm 103, over Lockerbie.
The police secretary added that there were a total of 16 witnesses traveling with me to the USA. I, Bollier, was ready for it and said yes.

Because the World Economic Forum WEF was being held in Davos and high-ranking politicians from the US government were attending the WEF, it was probably cheaper for the USA for the official justice delegates - in the reopened Lockerbie case - to travel together to Zurich and then to Davos...
In any case, on December 5, 2023, Bollier received an invitation from the Federal Criminal Police for a meeting on January 19, 2024, with the US justice delegation, which was stationed in Zurich.

For information: Ma'sud Kher Al-Marini, had declared himself not guilty on all 3 charges; he had nothing to do with the "bombing" on PanAm 103.
Bollier, handed over to the Swiss Federal Criminal Police and US Justice officials, the latest 'MEBO Report', which among many other facts, reveals new crucial facts that lead to the truth and were concealed at the Scottish "Lockerbie Trial" 2000/01, in Zeist!

The company MEBO and Edwin Bollier, were misused for this political, criminal "machination" in a dubious way, therefore a large amount of damages remains to be claimed.

Bollier had never had any contact with Tom Thurman (FBI Expert), although Thurmen had told the USA Grand Jury 91-1, on January 16, 1991, that he had had contact with Bollier during a visit by the Swiss police (BUPO) on November 15, 1990.
Among other things, it became known, without my and MEBO's knowledge, that the longtime employee at MEBO, ing. Ulrich Lumpert, since 1988, was coerced into working with the "liar", FBI expert Tom Thurman, apparently so that LIBYEN and Abdelbaset Al Megrahi could be indicted.
The good thing about engineer Lumpert, although he was pressured to be a "whistleblower", was that he told Tom Thurman that the carbonized MST13 timer fragment (PT35) brought from the US was derived from an MST13 timer prototype and was not delivered to Libya!

Also in a TV interview, on the Lindenhof Platz in Zurich, present as witnesses, Dr. Jim Swire and Edwin Bollier, Ing. Lumpert confirmed that the original, carbonized fragment (PT35) shown on a photo, did not come from a functional (MST13) timer!
Why was it organized that the TV film was blocked in Scotland before the "Lockerbie" reappeal?

The first carbonized fragment (PT35) was not found on May 12, 1989, by expert Dr. Thomas Hayes and Allen Feraday, but allegedly on January 22, 1990, in a white shirt, which also does not correspond to the truth!
The carbonized MST13 timer fragment (PT35) constructed as a sample, plus 10 pieces of green (Thüring) MST13 timer blanks, was handed over by Tom Thurman, the Scottish group Dr. Hayes, Allen Feraday, and ID William Williamson, at the end of 1989!
(The "silent" production 1497-R01, obviously with the wrong date 22.11.1990, was created for this purpose).

The correct, alleged "find date" was concealed at the "Lockerbie Trial" 2000/01, in Kamp Zeist, as was an important fax from Allen Feraday to Det. ID Ferrie & Stuart Henderson.
Why, because there was no discovery of the fragment (PT35), but a transfer of the chip (PT35) by Tom Thurman, to the "group" of Dr. Hayes, (RARDE) took place.
The following secret fax fact was only revealed 6 years after the "Lockerbie Trial" - by FBI Special Agent Richard Marquise, led the U.S.Task Force which included the FBI and the CIA - through his book "SCOTBOM", with the following text!
(Book No.HV6431.M3649 2006)

Text: "Williamson is that Allen Feraday, the forensic examiner, had sent a fax to Henderson in January 1990, about items he found blasted into a Slalom shirt. In addition to pieces of black plastic, some wire and a piece of the instruction manual for the RT-SF16 radio were discovered. The most significant item was, a fingernailsize chip, green in color, with solder for a circuit on one side only. This chip become known as (PT35), the evidence designation placed on it by the Scots".

FBI special agent and head of the U.S. Task Force Richard A. Maquise, had to know at the latest - after a positive comparison result of August 20, 1990, in the FBI laboratory, between a green fragment (PT35) with the (MST13) timer delivered to LIBYEN, which was available to the FBI, from TOGO, as (K'1), since September 1986 - that it could lead to a false accusation against LIBYEN!
Since Mr.Marquise, in his book, only 6 years after the "Lockerbie Trial" against LIBYEN & Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, exactly "blabbed" that the fragment (PT35), was a "green in color, whit solder for a circuit on one side only", proves that Mr. Maquise must have known that this was a second "Scottish" evidence fraud, since it was not the first brown carbonized (PT35) timer fragment that was examined for forensic comparison in the FBI lab, but a green duplicate (PT35, which was not carbonized!).

A joint work with expert Tom Thurman, and Mr. Marquise, cannot be excluded - and must be investigated?
Why did the important information with the FAX transmission, from Feraday, to Stuart Henderson, and the discovery date January 22, 1990, as well as the FBI report 262-23, dated August 20, 1990, before the "Lockerbie Trial" 2000/01, in Camp Zeist, have to be kept secret?

MEBO Answer: The first, charred MST13 timer fragment (chip, PT35) was not discovered, but was broken out by hand from a blank MST13 timer circuit board by someone in the vicinity of Tom Thurman, subsequently carbonized and then presented by FBI expert Thurman to engineer Lumpert.

Engineer Lumpert explained to Thurman that the fragment came from a prototype MS13 timer board, which was fabricated from 8 layers of fiberglass. In order to prove that the fragment was "constructed" from a brown prototype printed circuit board, Lumpert had scratched 3 places on the (PT35) fragment in a clearly visible manner and marked them with a scratched "M" as a pattern!
Subsequently, the fragment (PT35) was handed over by Mr. Thurman to the "Dr. Hayes / Feraday Group" in Scotland.
The alleged discovery of the fragment (PT35) was then "smuggled in" on May 12, 1989, with a photo image by expert Allen Feraday, on a subsequently falsified, additional "Examination" page 51, in the RARDE Report 181!
This misleading representation was created with the help of a manipulated police label PI'995, and with a lying memorandum, by Feraday, on September 15, 1989, and handed over to DI William Williamson.

There is no evidence that an unaccompanied "bomb suitcase" was transported from MALTA Airport to FRANKFURT Airport on flight KM-180; on the contrary, of all the employees who were responsible for the transportation of the luggage, testified as witnesses that it was not possible to transport an unaccompanied suitcase via Frankfurt and from there to Heathrow without a transportation document!
That is why the second accused Libyan, Fhimah, Lamin Khalifa, had to be acquitted by the court in Camp Zeist!
Today it is obvious that the "bomb suitcase", with the "deceptive" number 4988, was first "smuggled in" at Frankfurt Airport on the feeder flight PA103 to Heathrow.

Why: Because the number of pieces of "on-line transfer" luggage which were loaded from the feeder flight PA103, from Frankfurt, at Heathrow Airport, onto the main flight PanAm103, matched, although a "Samsonite" suitcase marked with an R-tag, which was booked to the USA, was unloaded at Heathrow Airport!!!

Det. Fuhl, from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), complained to Police Scotland that two days after the crash of the PanAm103, the inspection of the "on-line transfer documents" was blocked!
The following officials from the FBI, Scotland, Switzerland and Germany are to be called as witnesses for the new "Lockerbie trial" in the USA, according to Bollier's recommendation:

Mr. Richard A. Marquise, (FBI);
Expert witness Tom Thurman, (FBI);
Expert witness Dr. Thomas Hayes; (RARDE);
Expert Allen Feraday, (RARDE);
ID William Williamson (Police Scotland);
DS Ferrie (Police Scotland);

Commissioner Peter Flückiger, ex Federal Police (BUPO) Switzerland;
Commissioner Fuhl, Federal Criminal Police (BKA) Germany..

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland

17. Nov, 2023

The "Lockerbie/PanAm 103" affair must be investigated by the 'International Criminal Court' (ICC) for deliberate, falsified evidence!

About the Court in The Hague, Netherlands

The International Criminal Court (ICC) investigates, among other things, the most serious crimes of which the international community is accused and, where appropriate, brings them to justice.
Crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression. Its legal basis is the multilateral Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court of July 17, 1998.

by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland